1 João 3

1 See you, what love has given to us the Father, so that children of God we should be called. On account of this the world not knows us, because not it knew him.

2 Beloved ones, now children of God we are, and not yet was it brought to light, what we shall be; we know but, that if he should appear, like to him we shall be; because we shall see him, as he is.

3 And every one the having the hope this in him, purifies himself, as he pure is.

4 Every one the doing the sin, also the lawlessness does; and the sin is the lawlessness.

5 And you know, that he was manifested, so that the sins of us he might take away; and sin in him not is.

6 Every one the in him abiding, not sins; every one the sinning, not has seen him, nor has known him.

7 Dear children, no one let deceive you; the one doing the righteousness, righteous is, as he righteous is.

8 The one doing the sin, from the accuser is; because from a beginning the accuser sins. For this was manifested the son of the God, so that he might destroy the works of the accuser.

9 Every one the having been begotten of the God, sin not does, because seed of him in him abides; and not is able to sin, because by the God he has been begotten.

10 In this manifest is the children of the God and the children of the accuser. Every one the not doing righteousness, not is of the God, and the not one loving the brother of himself.

11 Because this is the message, which you heard from beginning, that we should love each other;

12 not as Cain of the evil one was, and killed the brother of himself; and on account of what killed he him? because the works of him evil was, those but of the brother of him righteous.

13 Not do you wonder, brethren of me, if hates you the world.

14 We know, that we have passed over from the death into the life, because we love the brethren; the not loving the brother, abides in the death.

15 Every one the hating the brother of himself, a man killer is; and we know, that every man killer not has life age–lasting in him abiding.

16 By this we have known the love, because he on behalf of us the life of himself laid down; and we ought on behalf of the brethren the lives to lay down.

17 Who but may have the substance of the world, and may see the brother of himself need having, and may close the bowels of himself from him, how the love of the God abides in him?

18 Dear children of me, not we should love in word nor in the tongue, but in work and in truth.

19 And by this we know, that of the truth we are, and in presence of him we shall assure the hearts of us,

20 because, if should condemn us the heart, that greater is the God of the heart of us, and knows all things.

21 Beloved ones, if the heart of us not should condemn us, boldness we have towards the God,

22 and whatever we may ask, we receive from him, because the commandments of him we keep, and the things pleasing in presence of him we do.

23 And this is the commandment of him, that we should believe in the name of the son of him Jesus Anointed, and should love each other, as he gave commandment to us.

24 And the one keeping the commandments of him, in him abides, and he in him; and by this we know, that he abides in us, from the spirit, of which to us he gave.