A Palavra

Be thou diligent thyself approved to present to the God, a workman unashamed, cutting straight the word of the truth.

2 Timóteo 2:15

The heaven and the earth shall pass away; the but words of me not not may pass away.

Mateus 24:35

as new–born babes, the rational sincere milk earnestly desire you, so that by it you may grow to salvation;

1 Pedro 2:2

The spirit is that making alive; the flesh not profits nothing. The words, which I speak to you, spirit is and life is.

João 6:63

In a beginning was the Word, and the Word was with the God, and a god was the Word.

And the Word flesh became, and tabernacled among us, (and we beheld the glory of him, a glory as of an only–begotten from a father,) full of favor and truth.

João 1:1,14

Already you clean are, through the word, which I have spoken to you.

João 15:3

He but answering said: It is written: Not by bread alone shall live a man; but by every word proceeding from mouth of God.

Mateus 4:4

Living for the word of the God, and energetic, and more cutting beyond every sword two–mouthed, even cutting through to a division of life both and of breath, of joints both and of marrows, and able to judge of thoughts and of intentions of heart;

Hebreus 4:12