Bring forth then fruit worthy of the reformation,

Mateus 3:8

not I have come to call just (ones), but sinners to reformation.

Lucas 5:32

The indeed therefore times of the ignorance overlooking the God, now he commands to the men all in all places to reform;

Atos 17:30

No, I say to you; but except you reform, all in like manner you will perish.

Lucas 13:3

From that time began the Jesus to proclaim, and to say: Reform; has come nigh for the royal dignity of the heavens.

Mateus 4:17

Peter and said to them: Reform you, and be dipped each one of you in the name of Jesus Anointed, for forgiveness of sins, and you shall receive the gifts of the holy spirit.

Atos 2:38

I say to you, that thus joy will be in the heaven over one sinner reforming, than over ninety–nine just ones, who no need have of reformation.

Lucas 15:7

If we confess the the sins of us, faithful he is and just so that he may forgive to us the sins, and he may cleanse us from all righteousness.

1 João 1:9

draw you near to the God, and he will draw near to you; cleanse you hands, sinners, and purify you hearts, two–souled ones.

Tiago 4:8

I as many as if I may love, I prove and admonish; be thou zealous therefore and reform.

Apocalipse 3:19

Reform you therefore and turn you, in order that the to be wiped out of you the sins, that may come seasons of refreshing from face of the Lord,

Atos 3:19

and saying: That has been fulfilled the season, and has come nigh the majesty of the God; reform you, and believe you in the good message.

Marcos 1:15

Not is slow the Lord of the promise, as some slowness account; but is long–suffering towards us not desiring some to perish, but all for a reformation to come.

2 Pedro 3:9

You are going but learn, what is; Mercy I wish, and not a sacrifice. Not for I am come to call just persons, but sinners.

Mateus 9:13

Thus, I say to you, joy produced in presence of the messengers of the God over one sinner reforming.

Lucas 15:10