Casa do Senhor

if but I should delay, that thou mayest know, know it behooves in a house of God to conduct thyself, which is a congregation of God living.

1 Timóteo 3:15

48 But not the Most High in hand made things dwells, as the prophet says:

49 The heaven to me a throne, the and earth a footstool of the feet of me. What house will you build for me? says Lord; or what place of the dwelling of me?

50 Not the hand of me made these things all?

Atos 7:48-50

Anointed but, as a son over the house of him; of whom a house are we, if indeed the confidence and the boasting of the hope till end firm we should hold fast.

Hebreus 3:6

And entered the Jesus into the temple of the God, and cast out all the selling and buying in the temple, and the tables of the money changers overturned, and the seats of the selling the doves;

and he says to them: It is written The house of me, a house of prayer shall be called; you but it have made a den of robbers.

Mateus 21:12,13

Answered Jesus and said to him: If any one love me, the word of me he will keep; and the Father of me will love him; to him we will come, and a dwelling with him we will make.

João 14:23

Or not know you, that the body of you a temple of the in you holy spirit is, which you have from God, and not you are of yourselves?

1 Coríntios 6:19

Where for are two or three having come together in the my name, there i am in the midst of them.

Mateus 18:20