because the one sowing for the flesh of himself, from the flesh he will reap corruption; the but one sowing for the spirit, from of the spirit he will reap life age–lasting.

Gálatas 6:8

Fruit and of righteousness in peace is sown by those making peace.

Tiago 3:18

Not do you mistake; God not is to be mocked at. That for if may sow a man, this also he will reap;

Gálatas 6:7

The but good doing not we should reap; in a season for its own we shall reap, not fainting.

Gálatas 6:9

The and one supplying seed to the one sowing and bread for food, will supply and will multiply the sowing of you, and will increase the products of the righteousness of you;

2 Coríntios 9:10

Look attentively at the birds of the heaven, for not they sow, nor reap, nor gather into barns; and the Father of you the heavenly feeds them. Not you greatly excel them?

Mateus 6:26

All but discipline as to indeed that being present not seems of joy to be but of grief; afterwards but fruit peaceful to those through her having been trained it returns of righteousness.

Hebreus 12:11