The same for each other minding; not the things high minding, but to the low ones conform yourselves. Not become wise with yourselves.

Romanos 12:16

Not because respecting want I speak; I for learned, in what things I am, contented to be.

Filipenses 4:11

I am the vine, you the branches. He abiding in me, and I am in him, this bears fruit much; because apart from me not you are able to do nothing.

João 15:5

Not therefore be over careful for the morrow; the for morrow will be over careful of the herself. Enough to the day the trouble of her.

Mateus 6:34

those and in flesh being, to God to be pleasing not they are able.

Romanos 8:8

Just as for in one body members many we have, the but members all not the same has operation;

thus the many one body we are in Anointed, the but each one, of each other members.

Romanos 12:4,5