Deus nunca falha

and having been bathed the body in water pure, we should hold fast the confession of the hope without declining; (faithful for the one having promised;)

Hebreus 10:23

20 (as many for promises of God, in him the yes, and in him the so be it,) to the God for glory on account of us.

21 The but one establishing us with you for Anointed, and having anointed us, God;

22 he and having sealed us, and having given the pledge of the spirit in the hearts of us.

2 Coríntios 1:20-22

Blessed man, who bears up under temptation; because approved having become he will receive the crown of the life, which promised the Lord to those loving him.

Tiago 1:12

in whom also you (having heard the word of the truth, the glad tidings of the salvation of you,) in whom also having believed you were sealed with the spirit of the promise with the holy,

which is a pledge of the inheritance of us in a redemption of the possession, for a praise of the glory of him.

Efésios 1:13,14