Jesus Cristo

5 This for be desired by you which also in Anointed Jesus,

6 who in a form of God being, not a usurpation meditated the to be like to God, Phillippians

7 but himself emptied, a form of a slave having taken, in a likeness of men having been formed,

Filipenses 2:5-7

Whoever may confess, that Jesus is the son of the God, the God in him abides, and he in the God.

1 João 4:15

Says to him the Jesus: So long a time with you am I, and not knowest thou me, O Philip? He having seen me, has seen the Father; and how thou sayest: Show to us the Father?

Not believest thou, that I in the Father, and the Father in me is? The words which I speak to you, from myself not I speak; the but Father, he in me abiding, he does the works.

João 14:9,10

that if thou wilt confess with the mouth of thee Lord Jesus, and thou wilt believe in the heart of thee, that the God him raised out of dead ones, thou shalt be saved.

Romanos 10:9

I and the Father one are.

João 10:30

Said to them the Jesus: Indeed indeed I say to you, before Abraham to have been born, I am.

João 8:58

And not is in another to any one the salvation; not even for a name is another under the heaven, that having been given among men, in which must to be saved us.

Atos 4:12

Says to her the Jesus: Not I said to thee, that if thou wouldst believe, thou shalt see the glory of the God?

João 11:40

The and God of me will fill up every want of you according to the wealth of himself in glory, in Anointed Jesus.

Filipenses 4:19

And the Word flesh became, and tabernacled among us, (and we beheld the glory of him, a glory as of an only–begotten from a father,) full of favor and truth.

João 1:14

Lord but the God do you sanctify in the hearts of you; prepared and always with a defence to all to the one asking you an account concerning the in you hope, with meekness and fear;

1 Pedro 3:15

Just as for in one body members many we have, the but members all not the same has operation;

thus the many one body we are in Anointed, the but each one, of each other members.

Romanos 12:4,5

who (being an effulgence of the glory and an exact impress of the substance of him, sustaining and the things all by the word of the power of himself,) through himself a purification have made of the sins of us, sat down at right of the majesty in high places;

by so much greater having become of them messengers, by so much more excellent beyond them he has inherited a name.

Hebreus 1:3,4

The one doing the sin, from the accuser is; because from a beginning the accuser sins. For this was manifested the son of the God, so that he might destroy the works of the accuser.

1 João 3:8

15 He says to them: You but who me say to be?

16 Answering and Simon Peter said:Thou art the Anointed, the son of the God the living.

17 And answering the Jesus said to him: Blessed art thou, Simon son of Jonas; for flesh and blood not it has revealed to thee, but the Father of me, that in the heavens.

Mateus 16:15-17

Of him for we are a work having been formed in Anointed Jesus for works good, in which before prepared the God that in them we should walk.

Efésios 2:10

He but was silent and nothing he answered. Again the high–priest asked him and says to him: Thou art the Anointed, the son of the Blessed?

The and Jesus said: I am; and you shall see the son of the man at right sitting of the power, and coming with the clouds of the heaven.

Marcos 14:61,62

To the but God thanks, to the one having given to us, the victory through the Lord of us Jesus Anointed.

1 Coríntios 15:57

Hence he was obliged in all things to the brethren to be made like, so that merciful he might be and faithful high–priest the things as to the God, in order to the to expiate the sin of the people.

Hebreus 2:17

21 As for the Father raises the dead ones and makes alive; thus also the son, whom he will, makes alive.

22 Not even for the Father judges any one; but the judgment all has given to the son;

23 so that all may honor the son, even as they honor the Father. He not honoring the son, not honors the Father, that having sent him.

João 5:21-23

Says to him the Jesus: I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, if not through me.

João 14:6

in this was manifested the love of the God in us, because the son of himself the only–begotten sent forth the God into the world, so that we might live through him.

In this is the love, not that we loved the God, but that he loved us, and sent forth the son of himself a propitiation respecting the sins of us.

1 João 4:9,10

Many indeed then and other signs did the Jesus in presence of the disciples of him, which not it is having been written in the book this.

These things but have been written, that you may believe, that Jesus is the Anointed, the son of the God, and that believing life you may have in the name of him.

João 20:30,31

Lo, the virgin in womb shall have, and shall bear a son, and they shall call the name of him Emmanuel; which is being translated, with us a God.)

Mateus 1:23

28 and I life age–lasting give to them, and not not they will perish into the age, and not will wrest any one them out of the hand of me.

29 The father of me, who has given to me, greater of all is; and no one is able to wrest out of the hand of the Father of me;

30 I and the Father one are.

João 10:28-30

The and centurion and those with him watching the Jesus, seeing the earthquake and the things being done, they were afraid much, saying: Truly of God a son was this.

Mateus 27:54

With Anointed I have been crucified; I live but, no longer I, lives but in me Anointed; the but now I live in flesh, by faith I live in the of that son of the God, of that having loved me and having delivered up himself in behalf of me.

Gálatas 2:20

This is the commandment the mine, that you love each other, as I loved you.

João 15:12

and who not takes the cross of himself, and follows after me, not is of me worthy.

Mateus 10:38

Said to her the Jesus: I am the resurrection and the life; he believing into me, even if he may die, he shall live;

João 11:25

Because in him dwells all the fulness of the deity bodily,

Colossenses 2:9

Afterwards he says to the Thomas: Bring the finger of thee here, and see the hands of me, and bring the hand of thee, and put into the side of me; and not be thou unbelieving, but believing.

Answered Thomas and said to him: The Lord of me and the God of me.

João 20:27,28

in this was manifested the love of the God in us, because the son of himself the only–begotten sent forth the God into the world, so that we might live through him.

1 João 4:9

This for be desired by you which also in Anointed Jesus,

Filipenses 2:5

Indeed indeed I say to you, that comes an hour, and now is, when the dead ones shall hear the voice of the son of the God; and those having heard will live.

João 5:25

It occurred and in the to have been dipped all the people, and Jesus having been dipped and praying, to have been opened the heaven,

and to descend the spirit the holy in a bodily form, like a dove, upon him, and a voice out of heaven to have come saying Thou art the son of me the beloved in thee I delight.

Lucas 3:21,22

16 Thus for loved the God the world, so that the son of himself the only–begotten he gave, that every one who believing into him, not may be destroyed, but may have life age–lasting.

17 Not for sent the God the son of himself into the world, that he might judge the world, but that might be saved the world through him.

18 He believing into him, not is judged; he but not believing, already is judged, became not he has believed into the name of the only–begotten son of the God.

João 3:16-18

One for God, one and mediator of God and of men, a man Anointed Jesus,

1 Timóteo 2:5

The and Jesus answered them: The father of me till now works, and I work.

Through this therefore more sought him the Jews to kill, because not only he was breaking the sabbath, but also a Father his own said the God, equal himself making to the God.

João 5:17,18

He but said: The things impossible with men, possible is with the God.

Lucas 18:27

11 And I saw the heaven having been opened, and lo a horse white, and the one sitting on him, being called faithful and true, and in righteousness he judges and makes war;

12 the but eyes of him as a flame of fire, and on the head of him diadems many; having a name having been written which no one knows, if not himself;

13 and having been clothed with a mantle having been dipped in blood; and is called the name of him: The word of the God.

14 And the armies those in the heaven followed him on horse white, having been clothed with fire cotton white clean.

15 And out of the mouth of him goes forth a broad–sword sharp, so that with her he may smite the nations, and he shall tend them with a rod iron; and he treads the wine–press of the wine of the wrath of the anger of the God of the almighty one.

16 And he has on the mantle and on the thigh of himself a name having been written: King of kings and Lord of lords.

Apocalipse 19:11-16

Through this therefore more sought him the Jews to kill, because not only he was breaking the sabbath, but also a Father his own said the God, equal himself making to the God.

João 5:18

36 As and they were going in the way, they came to a certain water, and said the eunuch: Lo, water; what hinders me to be dipped?

37 And he ordered to stand the chariot; and they went down both into the water the, both Philip and the eunuch; and he dipped him.

38 When and they came up out of the water, spirit of Lord seized the Philip; and now saw him no longer the eunuch; he went for the way of himself rejoicing.

Atos 8:36-38

He but says to them: Not be you amazed; Jesus you seek the Nazarene, the having been crucified; he has been raised, not he is here; see the place, where they laid him.

Marcos 16:6

The favor of the Lord of us Jesus Anointed with the spirit of you

Filemom 1:25

The favor of the Lord Jesus Anointed, with all of the holy ones.

Apocalipse 22:21

1 In a beginning was the Word, and the Word was with the God, and a god was the Word.

2 This was in a beginning with the God.

3 All through it was done; and without it was done not even one, that has been done.

João 1:1-3

Indeed indeed I say to you: He receiving if any one I may send, me receives; he and me receiving, receives him having sent me.

João 13:20

Where for are two or three having come together in the my name, there i am in the midst of them.

Mateus 18:20

Because in him dwells all the fulness of the deity bodily,

and you are by him having been filled; who is the head of all governments and authority;

Colossenses 2:9,10

Looking on and to them the Jesus says: With men impossible but not with the God; all for possible is with the God.

Marcos 10:27

In a beginning was the Word, and the Word was with the God, and a god was the Word.

João 1:1

And this is the testimony because life age–lasting gave to us the God, and this the life in the son of him is.

The one having the son, has the life; the not one having the son of the God, the life not has.

1 João 5:11,12

and the peace of the Anointed one let preside in the hearts of you, for which also you were called in one body; and thankful ones become you.

Colossenses 3:15

looking away to the of the faith leader and perfecter Jesus, who in return for the being placed before him joy, endured a cross, shame disregarding, at right and of the throne of the God has sat down.

Hebreus 12:2

Having therefore a high–priest great, having passed through the heavens, Jesus the son of the God, we should lay hold of the profession.

Not for we have a high–priest not being able to suffer with the weaknesses of us, having been tempted but in all things according to a likeness, apart from sin.

Hebreus 4:14,15

walk you in love, even as also the Anointed loved us, and delivered up himself on behalf of us an offering and a sacrifice, to the God for an odor of a sweet smell.

Efésios 5:2

Who is the one overcoming the world, if not the one believing, that Jesus is the son of the God?

1 João 5:5