30 Answered the Jesus and said: Not on account of me this the voice had come, but on account of you.

31 Now a judgment is the world this; now the ruler of the world this, will be cast out.

32 And if I should be lifted up from the earth, all will draw to myself.

João 12:30-32

Therefore not before proper season any thing judge you, till may come the Lord, who both will bring to light the things hidden of the darkness, and will make manifest the purposes of the hearts; and then the praise shall be to each one from the God.

1 Coríntios 4:5

21 As for the Father raises the dead ones and makes alive; thus also the son, whom he will, makes alive.

22 Not even for the Father judges any one; but the judgment all has given to the son;

23 so that all may honor the son, even as they honor the Father. He not honoring the son, not honors the Father, that having sent him.

24 Indeed indeed I say to you, that he the word of me hearing, and believing, the having sent me has life age–lasting, and into judgment not comes, but has passed out of the death into the life.

25 Indeed indeed I say to you, that comes an hour, and now is, when the dead ones shall hear the voice of the son of the God; and those having heard will live.

26 As for the Father has life in himself; so he gave also the son life to have in himself.

27 And authority he gave to him also judgment to execute, because a son of man he is.

28 Not wonder you this; because comes an hour, in which all those in the tombs, shall hear the voice of him,

29 and shall come forth, those the good things having done, to a resurrection of life; those and the evil things having done, to a resurrection of judgment.

30 Not am able I to do of myself nothing. Even as I hear, I judge, and the judgment the mine just is; that not I seek the will the mine, but the will of the sending me.

31 If I testify concerning myself, the testimony of me out not is true.

João 5:21-31

1 The but weak to the faith, take to yourselves, not for differences of reasoning.

2 Who indeed believes to eat all things; the but one being weak herbs eats.

3 The one eating, the not one eating not despise; and the not eating, the one eating not judge; the God for him received to himself.

4 Thou who art the judging belonging to another household servant? to the own Lord he stands or he falls; he shall be made to stand and; able for is the God to make stand.

Romanos 14:1-4

1 After these things I heard as a voice great of a crowd large in the heaven, saying: Praise the Lord; the salvation and the glory and the power of the God of us;

2 because true and righteous the judgment of him; because he judged the harlot the great, which corrupted the earth with the fornication of herself, and avenged the blood of the bond–servants of himself from hand of her.

3 And a second time they have said: Praise the Lord, and the smoke of her rise up for the ages of the ages.

Apocalipse 19:1-3

7 But I the truth say to you; it is better for you, that I should go away. If for not I should go away, the helper not will come to you; if but I go, I will send him to you.

8 And having come he will convict the world concerning sin, and concerning righteousness, and concerning judgment.

9 Concerning sin indeed, because not they believe into me;

João 16:7-9

He and said: I believe, O sir; and he prostrated to him.

And said the Jesus: For judgment I into the world this came, that those not seeing might see, and those seeing blind might become.

João 9:38,39

12 So then each one of us concerning himself an account shall give to the God.

13 No longer therefore each other we should judge; but this judge you rather, that not to place a stumbling–block to the brother or a cause of fall.

14 I know, and have been persuaded in Lord Jesus, that nothing common through itself, if not to him regarding anything common to be, to him common;

Romanos 14:12-14

Because the season for the to begin the judgment from the house of the God; if but first from of us, what the end of those being disobedient to the of the God glad tidings?

1 Pedro 4:17

2 In what for judgment you judge, you shall be judged; and in what measure you measure, it shall measured to you.

3 Why and seest thou the splinter, that in the eye of the brother of thee, that but in thine–own eye beam not perceivest?

4 or how will thou say to the brother of thee: Allow me, I can pull the splinter from the eye of thee; and lo, the beam in the eye of thee?

Mateus 7:2-4