All therefore, as much so ever you may will that should do to you the men, even so also you do to them; this for is the law and the prophets.

Mateus 7:12

The but fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, fidelity, meekness, self control;

against the such like not is a law.

Gálatas 5:22,23

and the fathers, not irritate you the children of you, but bring you up them in disciples and instruction of Lord.

Efésios 6:4

This is the commandment the mine, that you love each other, as I loved you.

João 15:12

To no one nothing owe you, if not that each other you should love; the for loving the other, a law has fulfilled.

Romanos 13:8

What then? shall we sin, because not we are under law, but under favor? Not let it be.

Romanos 6:15

Therefore from works of law not shall be justified all flesh before him; through for law an acknowledgment of sin.

Romanos 3:20

All things it is lawful, but not all things are beneficial; all things it is lawful, but not all things builds up.

1 Coríntios 10:23

Of each other the burdens bear you, and thus fulfil you the law of the Anointed.

Gálatas 6:2

And second like, this: Thou shalt love the neighbor of thee as thyself. Greater of these another commandment not is.

Marcos 12:31

Beloved ones, if the heart of us not should condemn us, boldness we have towards the God,

and whatever we may ask, we receive from him, because the commandments of him we keep, and the things pleasing in presence of him we do.

1 João 3:21,22

Not be you unequally yoking with unbelievers; what for participation righteousness and lawlessness? what and fellowship light with darkness?

2 Coríntios 6:14

The for whole law in one word is fully set forth, in this: Thou shalt love the neighbor of thee as thyself.

Gálatas 5:14

And this the commandment we have from him, that the one loving the God should love also the brother of himself.

1 João 4:21