Marido e Mulher

In like manner the wives, submitting yourselves to the own husbands, so that even if some are disobedient to the word, through the of the wives conduct without a word they may be gained,

having seen the in fear pure conduct of you.

1 Pedro 3:1,2

22 the wives to the own husbands be you submissive, as to the Lord; Ephesians

23 because a husband is a head of the wife, as even the Anointed a head of the congregation; he is a preserver of the body.

24 But even as the congregation is subjected to the Anointed, thus also the wives to the own husbands in everything.

Efésios 5:22-24

To those but having been married I charge, not I, but the Lord, a wife from an husband not to be separated.

(if but even she should be separated, let her remain unmarried, or to the husband let her be reconciled;) and a husband a wife not to dismiss.

1 Coríntios 7:10,11

1 Concerning but what things you wrote to me, good for a man a woman not to touch;

2 on account of but the fornications each man the of himself wife let have, and each woman the own husband let have.

3 To the wife the husband the debt let render; in like manner and also the wife to the husband.

4 The wife of the own body not controls, but the husband; in like manner and also the husband the own body not controls, but the wife.

5 Not do you deprive each other, if not from agreement for a season, so that you may be at leisure for the prayer; and again to the same you may be, so that not may tempt you the adversary through the incontinence of you.

1 Coríntios 7:1-5

The husbands like manner, dwelling with according to knowledge as a weaker vessel with the female, bestowing honor as also being joint–heirs of gracious gift of life, in order that not to be hindered the prayers of you.

1 Pedro 3:7

If but the unbelieving withdraws, let him withdraw; not is enslaved the brother or the sister with the such like. In but peace has called us the God.

How for knowest thou, O wife, if the husband thou shalt save? or how knowest thou, O husband, if the wife thou shalt save.

1 Coríntios 7:15,16

But also you the every one, each one the of himself wife thus let love as himself; the and wife so that she may reverence the husband.

Efésios 5:33

The wives, submit yourselves to the husbands, as it has been proper in Lord. Colossians

The husbands, love you the wives, and not be you embittered against them. Colossians

Colossenses 3:18,19

The for bound to a man woman to the living husband is bound by law; if but may die the husband, she is freed from the law of the husband.

Romanos 7:2

25 The husbands, love you the wives of yourselves, even as also the Anointed loved the congregation, and himself delivered up on behalf of her,

26 so that her he might sanctify, having cleansed in the bath of the water by a word; Ephesians

27 that might place beside he himself glorious the congregation, not having a spot or blemish or any of such like things, but that she might be holy and blameless.

28 Thus are obligated the husbands to love the of themselves wives, as the of themselves bodies. He loving the of himself wife, himself loves;

29 no one for ever the of himself flesh hated, but nourishes and cherishes her; as even the Anointed the congregation;

Efésios 5:25-29

4 He and answering said to them: Not have you read, that the Creator from a beginning a male and a female he made them?

5 and said: On account of this shall leave a man the father and the mother, and shall be closely united to the wife of him; and shall be the two into flesh one.

6 So that no longer they are two, but flesh one. What then the God has joined together, a man not disunites.

Mateus 19:4-6