1 The but spirit expressly says, that in subsequent seasons will fall away some from the faith, adhering to spirits wandering and to teachings of demons,

2 by hypocrisy of false–speakers, having been cauterized the own conscience,

3 forbidding to marry, to abstain from foods, which the God created for a partaking of with thanksgiving by the faithful ones and they have known the truth.

1 Timóteo 4:1-3

You from the father the accuser are, and the lusts of the father of you you wish to do. He a manslayer was from a beginning, and in the truth not has stood; because not is truth in him. When may speak the falsehood, from the own he speaks; because a liar is, also the father of him.

João 8:44

not speak you falsely to each other; having stripped the old man with the practices of him,

and having put on the new, that being renewed by exact knowledge according to an image of the one having created him;

Colossenses 3:9,10

if but rivalry bitter you have and strife in the heart of you, not do you boast and do you speak falsely concerning the truth?

Tiago 3:14

Therefore putting away the falsehood, speak you truth, each one with the neighbor of himself; because we are of each other members.

Efésios 4:25

Outside the dogs and the sorcerers and the fornicators and murderers and the idolaters, and every one the one loving and doing falsehood.

Apocalipse 22:15