Nova Aliança

11 Therefore remember, that you once Gentiles in flesh, (those being called uncircumcision by the being called circumcision in flesh done by hand,)

12 that you were in the season that, without Anointed, having been aliens from the common wealth of the Israel, and strangers from the covenants of the promise, a hope not having, and godless, in the world;

13 now but, in Anointed Jesus, you those once being far off, near were made by the blood of the Anointed.

Efésios 2:11-13

16 Where for a covenant, death necessary to be produced of that having been appointed;

17 a covenant for over dead ones firm, since never it is strong when lives that having been appointed.

18 Hence not even the first without blood has been dedicated.

19 Having spoken for every commandment according to law by Moses to all the people, having taken the blood of the young bullocks and of goats with water and wool scarlet and hyssop, itself both the book and all the people he sprinkled,

20 saying: This the blood of the covenant, which enjoined on you the God;

Hebreus 9:16-20

17 So that if any one in Anointed, new creation; the things old passed away, lo, has become new the all things.

18 The but all things out of the God, that one having reconciled us to himself through Jesus Anointed, and having given to us the service of the reconciliation.

19 Namely that God was in Anointed a world reconciling to himself, not reckoning to them the fruits of them, and having placed in us the world of the reconciliation.

20 On behalf of Anointed therefore we are ambassadors, as if the God beseeching through us; we pray on behalf of Anointed, be you reconciled to the God.

21 Him for not having known sin, on behalf of us sin was made, that we might become righteousness of God in him.

2 Coríntios 5:17-21

4 Confidence but such we have through the Anointed towards the God;

5 not because sufficient we are from ourselves, to reason anything, as from ourselves, but the sufficiency of us from of the God;

6 who also qualified us servants of a new covenant, not of letter, but of spirit; the for letter kills, the but spirit gives life.

2 Coríntios 3:4-6

how much more the blood of the Anointed one, who by means of a spirit age–lasting himself offered spotless to the God, shall cleanse the conscience of you from of death works, for the to serve God living.

And on account of this of a covenant new a mediator he is, so that of a death having taken place, for a redemption of the under the first covenant transgressions, the promise might receive those having been called of the age–lasting inheritance.

Hebreus 9:14,15

1 A shadow for having the law of the about coming good things, not very the image of the things, every year by the same sacrifices which they offer for the continuance, never is able the ones drawing near to perfect.

2 Otherwise not would they cease to be offered, because that no one to have longer a consciousness of sins those publicly serving, once having been cleansed?

3 but in these a remembrance of sins every year.

4 Impossible for blood of bulls and of goats to take away sins.

Hebreus 10:1-4

In this is the love, not that we loved the God, but that he loved us, and sent forth the son of himself a propitiation respecting the sins of us.

1 João 4:10

And having taken the cup, and having given thanks, he gave to them, saying: Drink you out of it all;

this for is the blood of me, that of the new covenant, that about many being shed for forgiveness of sins.

Mateus 26:27,28

By the to say new, he has declared old the first; that but becoming old and advancing in age, near disappearing.

Hebreus 8:13

by so much better a covenant has become a surety Jesus.

Hebreus 7:22

In like manner also the cup, after the supper, saying: This the cup, the new covenant in the blood of me, that in behalf of you being poured out.

Lucas 22:20

now but more excellent he has obtained a service by as much also of a better he is covenant a mediator, which on better promises has been instituted.

If for the first that was faultless, not would a second be seeking a place.

Hebreus 8:6,7