Answered the Jesus and said to him: Indeed indeed I say to thee, if not any one may be born from above, not is able to see the kingdom of the God.

João 3:3

Enter you in through the strait gate; for wide the gate, and broad the road that leading into the perdition; and many are those entering through her.

How strait the gate, and difficult the road that leading into the life; and few are they finding her.

Mateus 7:13,14

Or not know you, that unjust ones of God a kingdom not shall inherit? Not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminates, nor Sodomites,

nor thieves, nor covetous persons, nor drunkards, nor revilers, not extortioners, a kingdom of God not shall inherit.

1 Coríntios 6:9,10

As for in the Adam all die, so also in the Anointed all will be made alive.

1 Coríntios 15:22

He believing into the son, has life age–lasting; he but disobeying the son, not shall see life, but the anger of the God abides on him.

João 3:36

so also the Anointed once for all having been offered for the of many to carry away sins, a second time without sins will be seen, by those him expecting for salvation.

Hebreus 9:28

Thus for has commanded us the Lord: I have set thee for a light of nations, the to be thee for salvation to end of the earth.

Atos 13:47

came for the son of the man to seek and to save that having been lost.

Lucas 19:10

Says to him the Jesus: I am the way, and the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father, if not through me.

João 14:6

Shone forth for the favor of the God that saving for all men,

admonishing us, so that having renounced the impiety and the worldly desires, prudently and righteously and piously we may live in the present age;

Tito 2:11,12

If for enemies being we were reconciled to the God through the death of the son of him, by much more having been reconciled we shall be saved in the life of him.

Romanos 5:10

And almost by blood all things are cleansed according to the law, and without blood–shedding not takes place forgiveness.

Hebreus 9:22

of the one having saved us and having called with a calling holy, not according to the works of us, but according to own purpose and favor that having been given to us in Anointed Jesus before times age–lasting,

2 Timóteo 1:9

not from of works of those in righteousness which did we, but according to of himself mercy he saved us, through a bath of a new birth, and a renovation of spirit holy,

Tito 3:5

(In heart for it is believed for righteousness; with mouth and it is confessed for salvation.)

Romanos 10:10

Looking on and to them the Jesus says: With men impossible but not with the God; all for possible is with the God.

Marcos 10:27

and I life age–lasting give to them, and not not they will perish into the age, and not will wrest any one them out of the hand of me.

João 10:28

whom not seeing you love, on whom, now not looking, believing but, you rejoice with a joy unspeakable and having been glorified,

obtaining the end of the faith of you, a salvation of souls.

1 Pedro 1:8,9

He having believed and having been dipped, shall be saved; he but not having believed, shall be condemned.

Marcos 16:16

As many as but received him, he gave to them authority children of God to become, to those believing into the name of him;

João 1:12

Not is slow the Lord of the promise, as some slowness account; but is long–suffering towards us not desiring some to perish, but all for a reformation to come.

2 Pedro 3:9

Not for I am ashamed the glad tidings; power for of God is for salvation to all to the believing, to Jew both first and to Greek.

Romanos 1:16

By the for favor you are having been saved through the faith; and this not from you; of God the gift,

not from works; so that not any one should boast.

Efésios 2:8,9

If we confess the the sins of us, faithful he is and just so that he may forgive to us the sins, and he may cleanse us from all righteousness.

1 João 1:9

and said: Indeed I say to you, if not you be changed and become as the little children, not not you may enter into the kingdom of the heavens.

Mateus 18:3

that if thou wilt confess with the mouth of thee Lord Jesus, and thou wilt believe in the heart of thee, that the God him raised out of dead ones, thou shalt be saved.

(In heart for it is believed for righteousness; with mouth and it is confessed for salvation.)

Romanos 10:9,10

They and said: Believe thou in the Lord Jesus Anointed, and shalt be saved thou and the house of thee.

Atos 16:31

Lo, I have stood at the door, and knock; if any one may have heard the voice of me, and may have opened the door, I will go in to him, and sup with him, and he with me.

Apocalipse 3:20

And not is in another to any one the salvation; not even for a name is another under the heaven, that having been given among men, in which must to be saved us.

Atos 4:12

He but said: The things impossible with men, possible is with the God.

Lucas 18:27

All for sinned, and come short of the glory of the God,

Romanos 3:23

So that if any one in Anointed, new creation; the things old passed away, lo, has become new the all things.

2 Coríntios 5:17

The and Jesus said to him: Go; the faith of thee has saved thee. And immediately he saw again, and followed him in the way.

Marcos 10:52

The for wages of the sin, death; the but gracious gift of the God, life age–lasting in an Anointed Jesus the Lord of us.

Romanos 6:23

Thus for loved the God the world, so that the son of himself the only–begotten he gave, that every one who believing into him, not may be destroyed, but may have life age–lasting.

João 3:16

Scarcely for in behalf of a just person any one will die; in behalf of though the good possibly some one even might dare to die;

recommends but the of himself love to us the God, because, still sinners being of us, Anointed one in behalf of us died.

Romanos 5:7,8

And it shall be, every one who may call upon the name of Lord, shall be saved.

Atos 2:21