And second like, this: Thou shalt love the neighbor of thee as thyself. Greater of these another commandment not is.

Marcos 12:31

Of each other the burdens bear you, and thus fulfil you the law of the Anointed.

Gálatas 6:2

in the brotherly kindness, towards each other tender affection; in the honor each other going before;

Romanos 12:10

That for: Not thou shalt commit adultery. Not thou shalt commit murder. Not thou shalt steal. Not thou shalt covet; and if any other commandment, in this the word it is brought under one head, in this: Thou shalt love the neighbor of thee as thyself.

Romanos 13:9

you but the Lord cause to be full and to overthrow with the love to each other and to all, even as also we to you;

1 Tessalonicenses 3:12

The brotherly love let continue.

Of the kind–to strangers not be you neglectful; through this for without knowing some having entertained messengers.

Hebreus 13:1,2

A commandment new I give to you, that you may love each other; as I loved you, that also you might love each other.

João 13:34

each one of us to the neighbor let please for the good to building up.

Romanos 15:2

Because this is the message, which you heard from beginning, that we should love each other;

1 João 3:11

Above all things but the among yourselves love fervent having; because the love will cover a multitude of sins;

1 Pedro 4:8

Religion pure and undefiled with the God and Father, this is, to oversee orphans and widows in the affliction of them, unspotted himself to keep from the world.

Tiago 1:27

The for whole law in one word is fully set forth, in this: Thou shalt love the neighbor of thee as thyself.

Gálatas 5:14

Indeed esteems a day from a day, another but esteems every day; each in the own mind let be fully assured.

Romanos 14:5

Wherefore comfort you each other, and build you up one the other, as even you do.

1 Tessalonicenses 5:11

So then, as opportunity we have, we should work the good to all, especially but to the family–members of the faith.

Gálatas 6:10

All therefore, as much so ever you may will that should do to you the men, even so also you do to them; this for is the law and the prophets.

Mateus 7:12

No one that of himself let him seek, but that of the other.

1 Coríntios 10:24

The but end, all of like mind, sympathizing ones, lovers of brethren, compassionate ones, humble–minded ones,

1 Pedro 3:8

The love to the neighbor evil not works; a fulfilling then of law the love.

Romanos 13:10

No longer therefore each other we should judge; but this judge you rather, that not to place a stumbling–block to the brother or a cause of fall.

Romanos 14:13

Wherefore inexcusable thou art, O man every one who art judging. In which for thou judgest the other, thyself thou condemnest; the things for same thou doest who art judging.

Romanos 2:1

(bearing with each other, and freely forgiving each other, if any one for some things should have a cause of complaint; as even the Anointed freely forgave you, so also you;)

Colossenses 3:13

nothing in strife or vain–glory, but in the lowliness of mind others esteeming exceeding yourselves;

Filipenses 2:3