Tiago 2

1 Brethren of me, not with a respect of persons do you hold the faith of the Lord of us Jesus Anointed of the glory.

2 If for may enter into the synagogue of you a man having gold ring on his fingers in a robe splendid, may enter and also a poor man in dirty clothing,

3 and you should look on the one wearing the robe the splendid, and you should say: Thou sit here honorably; and to the poor man you should say: Thou stand there, or sit thou here under the footstool of me;

4 and not did you make a difference among yourselves and became judges reasonings of evil things?

5 Hear you, brethren of me beloved ones, not the God chose the poor of the world rich ones in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which he promised to those loving him?

6 You but dishonored the poor. Not the rich ones domineer over you, and they drag you into courts of justice?

7 Not they revile the honorable name that having been named on you?

8 If indeed a law you keep royal, according to the writing: Thou shalt love the neighbor of thee as thyself, well you do.

9 If but you respect persons, sin you work, being convicted under the law as transgressors.

10 Whoever for whole the law keeps, shall fail but in one, has become of all guilty.

11 The for one having said: Not thou mayest commit adultery, said also: Not thou mayest murder; if now not thou commit adultery, thou dost murder but, thou hast become a transgressor of law.

12 Thus speak you and thus do you, as by means of a law of freedom being about to be judged.

13 The for judgment merciless for him not having practised mercy; glories over mercy judgment.

14 What the profit, brethren of me, if faith may say any one to have, works but not may have? not is able the faith to save him?

15 If but a brother or a sister naked ones should be, and wanting may be of the daily food,

16 may say and any one to them from of you: Go you away in peace, be you warmed and be you filled; not you may give but to them the things necessary of the body, what the profit?

17 Thus also faith, if not if may have works, dead it is by itself.

18 But will say some one: Thou faith hast, and I works have; show to me the faith of thee without the works of thee, and I will show to thee by the works of me the faith of me.

19 Thou believest, that the God one is; well thou doest; even the demons believe, and shudder.

20 Wishest thou but to know, O man vain, that the faith without the works dead is?

21 Abraham the father of us not by works was made righteous, having brought up Isaac the son of himself to the altar?

22 Seest thou, that the faith worked with the works of him, and by the works the faith was perfected?

23 And was fulfilled the writing that saying: Believed but Abraham the God, and it was counted to him for righteousness; and a friend of God he was called.

24 Do you see, that by works is made righteous a man, and not by faith alone?

25 In like manner and also Rahab the harlot not by works was justified, having received the messengers, and by another way having sent out?

26 As for the body without breath dead is, so also the faith without the works dead is.