1 Coríntios 7

1 BUT concerning those (questions) of which you wrote to me, It is well for a man unto a woman not to come nigh;

2 but, because of fornication, let a man take his wife, and let a woman take her husband.

3 And let a man render the love that is due unto his wife;

4 so also the wife to her husband. For the wife hath not authority over her body, but the husband; so also the man hath not authority over his body, but his wife.

5 Defraud not then one the other, unless you both agree for a time, that you may humble yourselves by fasting and by prayer; and return again unto the same will, that Satana may not tempt you on account of the desire of your bodies.

6 But this I speak as to the infirm; (and) not from commandment.

7 For I would that all men were as I am, in chastity. But every man hath the gift given to him from Aloha, this one thus, and the other thus.

8 But I say to those who have no wives, and to the widows, that it is expedient for them to remain as I do.

9 Yet, if they persevere not, they should marry; for it is better to take a wife than to burn with concupiscence.

10 But those who have wives I command, yet not I, but my Lord, that the wife from her husband separate not.

11 Yet, if she separate, let her remain without a man, or unto her husband be reconciled. And let not a man put away his wife.

12 But to the rest I say, not my Lord, If a brother hath a wife who is not a believer, and she be willing to dwell with him, let him not put her away.

13 And any woman who has an husband unbelieving, and he willeth to dwell with her, let her not put away her husband.

14 For the man who believeth not is sanctified by the wife who believeth; and any wife who believeth not is sanctified by the husband who believeth; otherwise their children would be unclean; but now are they clean.

15 But if he who believeth not separate, let him separate; a brother or a sister is not in servitude to these: unto peace Aloha hath called us.

16 For how knowest thou, wife, whether thou mayest save thy husband? Or knowest thou, man, if thy wife thou mayest save?

17 But (according as) the Lord hath distributed to every one, as Aloha hath called, so let him walk; and thus in all the churches, so I direct.

18 If a man circumcised hath been called, let him not turn to uncircumcision; and if in uncircumcision he hath been called, let him not be circumcised.

19 For circumcision is not any thing, nor uncircumcision, but the observances of the commandments of Aloha.

20 Let every man in the calling in which he hath been called remain.

21 If a servant thou wast called, be not careful, but, if also thou canst be made free, choose that thou shouldest serve.

22 For he who a servant is called in the Lord, is the freeman of Aloha, so he who as a son of freedom is called, is a servant of the Meshiha.

23 With a price are you bought; you will not be servants of men.

24 Every one in that in which he was called, my brethren, in it let him remain unto Aloha.

25 BUT respecting virginity, a commandment from Aloha I have not received; but I give counsel as a man who hath had grace from Aloha to be faithful.

26 And I consider that this is good, on account of the necessity of the time, that it is expedient for a man so to be.

27 Art thou bound to a wife? seek not to be loosed. Art thou loosed from a wife? seek not a wife.

28 Yet, if thou takest a wife, thou sinnest not; and if a virgin shall be to a husband, she sinneth not. Yet affliction in the body will be to them who are such; but I am sparing over you.

29 And this I say, my brethren, that the time now becomes contracted; and they who have wives should be as not having them;

30 and they who weep, as not weeping; and they who rejoice, as not rejoicing; and they who buy, as not possessing;

31 and they who use this world should not exceed the just use; for the fashion of this world passeth away.

32 Wherefore I would that you be without anxiety; for he who hath not a wife thinketh of the things of his Lord, that so he may please his Lord;

33 and he who hath a wife is anxious for the world, that so he may please his wife.

34 But there is a distinction between the wife and the virgin. She who hath no man is thoughtful of the things of her Lord, that she may be holy in her body and in her spirit; and she who hath a husband is thoughtful of the world, that so she may please her husband.

35 But this for your own profit speak I; not to throw a snare over you, but that you may be constant towards your Lord in a comely manner, while not thoughtful of the world.

36 But if a man consider it to be dishonourable toward his virgin, who hath passed her time, that he hath not given her to the man, (and) that it is proper that he should give her; as he willeth let him act, he sinneth not: let them marry.

37 But he who hath firmly decided in his own mind, and nothing constraineth him, and (who hath) power in his will, and thus judgeth in his heart, that he will keep his virgin, doeth well.

38 And he then who giveth his virgin doeth well, and he who giveth not his virgin doeth better.

39 The wife, so long as her husband liveth, is bound by the law; but if her husband shall die, she is free, that she may do what she willeth, only in our Lord.

40 But it is good if thus she remain, according to my own mind. But I think also that the Spirit of Aloha is in me.