1 Tessalonicenses 3

1 And because we could not endure, we were willing to be left at Athinos alone,

2 and to send to you Timotheos our brother, a minister of Aloha and our helper in the gospel of the Meshiha, to fortify you, and inquire of you concerning your faith,

3 that none of you should be slain through these afflictions; for you know that to this we are set.

4 For while also we were with you, we foretold you that we were to be afflicted, as you know that it hath been.

5 On account of this also, I, not enduring until I had sent to know your faith, lest the tempter should tempt you, and we should have laboured in vain;

6 but now when Timotheos came to us from among you, and gave us intelligence of your faith and of your love, and that you have a good remembrance of us in every season, and desire to see us as we also (to see) you;

7 on this account we were comforted in you, my brethren, in all our anxieties and our afflictions because of your faith.

8 And now we live, if you are established in our Lord.

9 For what thanks giving can we render on account of you to Aloha, over all the joy with which we rejoice on your behalf,

10 unless before Aloha we supplicate exceedingly by night and by day to see your faces, and to perfect what is wanting to your faith?

11 But Aloha himself, the Father of our Lord Jeshu Meshiha, will make straight our way to you,

12 and he will cause your love to increase to one another, and to every man, even as we love you;

13 and will establish your hearts without blame in holiness, before Aloha our Father, at the advent of our Lord Jeshu Meshiha with all his saints.