Hebreus 13

1 Let the love of the brethren continue in you;

2 and kindness to strangers forget not; for in this some who were made worthy, while not perceiving it, have received angels.

3 Remember those who are bound, as if with them ye were bound: be mindful of those who are afflicted, as men (should) who are clothed with flesh.

4 Honourable is marriage among all, and their bed is undefiled; but whoremongers and adulterers Aloha judgeth.

5 Let not your mind love money; but let whatever ye have suffice you: for the Lord hath said, I will not abandon thee, nor withhold from thee support .

6 And it is ours to say confidently, My Lord is my helper, I will not fear: what a man do to me?

7 Remember your leaders; those who have spoken to you the word of Aloha: reflect on the consummation of their course, and imitate their faith.

8 Jeshu Meshiha is yesterday, and to-day, and for ever.

9 Unto strange and variable doctrines be not led away; for it is good that with grace we confirm our hearts, and not by meats, because they have not been helped who have walked in them.

10 But we have an altar of which it is not lawful for them to eat who minister in the tabernacle.

11 For those animals, whose blood the high priest took into the sanctuary for sins, had their flesh burned without the camp.

12 On this account Jeshu, that he might sanctify his people by his blood, without the city suffered.

13 Therefore let us also go forth unto him without the camp, being, clothed with his ignominy.

14 For we have no city which is permanent here; but one that is to come we are expecting.

15 By him, therefore, let us offer up at all time unto Aloha the sacrifices of praise, which are the fruits of the lips which give thanks to his name.

16 And forget not compassion and communication to the poor: for with these sacrifices a man pleaseth Aloha.

17 Be persuaded by your leaders, and obey them; for they watch for your souls as men who must render an account of you, that with joy they may do this, and not with groans; for that is not profitable for you.

18 Pray for us; for we are confident we have a good conscience, that in all things we desire to act aright.

19 And more especially I ask from you to do this, that I may be turned to you quickly.

20 But the God of peace, who brought up from the house of the dead the great Shepherd of the flock, by the blood of the eternal covenant, who is Jeshu Meshiha, our Lord,

21 make you perfect in every good work, that ye may do his will, and effect in you whatever is good before him, by Jeshu Meshiha: to him be glory unto the age of ages. Amen.

22 Now I request from you, my brethren, that ye prolong your minds on the word of exhortation; for in a few (words) I have written to you.

23 But know that our brother Timotheos is released; and if he come soon, with him I will see you.

24 Ask for the peace of all your leaders, and of all the saints: they of Italia ask for your peace.

25 Grace be with you all. Amen.