Romanos 16

1 I COMMEND to you Phebe our sister, who is a deaconess of the church of Kancreos,

2 that you receive her in the Lord, as is right for saints; and, in every thing which she requests from you, assist her; because she also hath assisted many, and myself also.

3 Ask for the peace of Priskela and Akulos, labourers with me in Jeshu Meshiha;

4 for they themselves for my life have given their necks; and not only do I praise them, but also all the churches of the Gentiles.

5 And give salutation to the church which is in their house. Ask the peace of Epenetos, my beloved, who was the first-fruits of Akaia in the Meshiha.

6 Ask the peace of Maria, who hath laboured much with you.

7 Ask for the peace of Andronikos and Junia, my kindred, who were captives with me, and are known among the apostles, and in Meshiha were before me.

8 Ask for the peace of Ampleos, my beloved in our Lord.

9 Ask for the peace of Urbanos, a labourer with us in Meshiha, and of Estakos my beloved.

10 Ask the peace of Apella, chosen in our Lord. Ask for the peace of the sons of the house of Aristobulos.

11 Ask the peace of Herodion, my relative. Ask for the peace of the sons of the house of Narkisos, who are in our Lord.

12 Ask for the peace of Tryphena and Tryphosa, who labour in our Lord. Ask for the peace of Parsis, my beloved, who much hath laboured in our Lord.

13 Ask for the peace of Rufus, the chosen in our Lord, and of his mother and mine.

14 Ask the peace of Asynkritos, and of Phlegun, and of Arma, and of Patroba, and of Herma, and of the brethren who are with them.

15 Ask the peace of Philologos, and of Julia, and of Niros, and of his sister, and of Olympa, and all the saints who are with them.

16 Ask for the peace one of another with the holy kiss. All the churches of the Meshiha ask for your peace.

17 But I beseech of you, my brethren, beware of them who make divisions and scandals apart from the doctrine which you have learned; and be distant from them.

18 For they who are thus serve not our Lord Jeshu Meshiha, but their bellies; and with sweet words and benedictions seduce the hearts of the simple.

19 But your obedience is known to every one; I rejoice therefore in you, and I wish you to be wise unto good (works), and pure with regard to evil.

20 But the God of peace will soon bruise Satana beneath your feet. The grace of our Lord Jeshu Meshiha be with you!

21 Timotheos, a labourer with me, and Lukios and Iason and Sosipatros my kinsmen ask for your peace.

22 I, Tertios, who have inscribed this epistle in our Lord, ask for your peace.

23 Gaios my entertainer, and of all the church, asketh for your peace; (as do) Erastos steward of the city, and Quartos a brother.

24 The grace of our Lord Jeshu Meshiha be with you all. Amen.

25 TO ALOHA, who is able to confirm you in my gospel which is proclaimed concerning Jeshu the Meshiha, through revelation of the mystery, which from the times of the ages was hidden,

26 but is revealed in this time by means of the scriptures of the prophets, and by the commandment of the Everlasting Aloha is made known to all the nations for the obedience of faith;

27 (to Him) who alone is wise, BE GLORY BY JESHU MESHIHA, UNTO THE AGE OF AGES. AMEN.