But he who searcheth the hearts, he knoweth the mind of the Spirit, who, according to the will of Aloha, prayeth for the saints.

Romanos 8:27

For one is Aloha, and one is the Mediator of Aloha and of men; the man Jeshu Meshiha,

1 Timóteo 2:5

Jeshu saith to him, I (am) the way, and the truth, and the life. No man cometh unto my Father unless by me.

João 14:6

For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor authorities, nor powers, nor things subsisting, nor things to come,

nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate me from the love of Aloha which is in our Lord Jeshu Meshiha.

Romanos 8:38,39

For Him who knew not sin, on our account hath he made sin, that we might be in him the righteousness of Aloha.

2 Coríntios 5:21

Not that thou wouldest take them out of the world do I pray, but that thou wouldest keep them from the evil;

João 17:15

But now a ministry which is better than that hath Jeshu Meshiha received, by so much as that covenant of which he is made the Mediator is better, and was given with better promises, than that.

Hebreus 8:6

For this was he made the Mediator of the new covenant, that by his death he might become the ransom for those who had transgressed against the first covenant, (and) that they might receive the promise, they, who are called unto the inheritance which is eternal.

Hebreus 9:15