ALOHA no man hath ever seen: the one-begotten God, he who is in the bosom of his Father, he hath declared him.

João 1:18

And let your meekness be known unto every man: our Lord is near.

Filipenses 4:5

And by this we know that in him we abide, and he abideth in us, because of his Spirit he hath given us.

1 João 4:13

But now, by Jeshu the Meshiha, you who before were far off, are brought nigh by the blood of the Meshiha.

Efésios 2:13

Wherefore, my brethren, rejoice, and be perfect, and be comforted, and let agreement and peace be among you; and the God of love and of peace shall be with you.

2 Coríntios 13:11

And heal those who are sick, and say to them, There hath drawn nigh upon you the kingdom of Aloha.

Lucas 10:9

But the Lord of peace himself will give you peace always, in every thing. Our Lord be with you all.

2 Tessalonicenses 3:16

I will not leave you orphans; for I will come to you a little after.

João 14:18