who gave himself for us, to redeem us from all iniquity, and to cleanse unto himself a new people, who are zealous of good works.

Tito 2:14

who himself is the resplendence of his glory, and the image of his Being, and upholdeth all (things) by the power of his word; and he, in his (own) person, hath made purification of sins, and hath sat down at the right hand of the Majesty on high .

Hebreus 1:3

After which very type also you are saved in baptism, not while you cleanse the body from filth, but while you make confession of 6 Aloha with a pure conscience, and of the resurrection of Jeshu Meshiha;

1 Pedro 3:21

and draw nigh unto Aloha, and he will be nigh you. Purify your hands, sinners, and sanctify your hearts, divided of soul.

Tiago 4:8

Because then we have these promises, my beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all impurity of the flesh and of the spirit, and accomplish sanctification in the fear of Aloha.

2 Coríntios 7:1

20 But that which proceedeth from a man, that polluteth a man.

21 For from within, from the heart of the sons of men, go forth evil thoughts, adultery, fornication, robbery, murder,

22 rapacity, malice, fraud, obscenity, an evil eye, blasphemy, vain-glory, folly;

23 all these evils come from within, and they defile a man.

Marcos 7:20-23

Husbands, love your wives, as also the Meshiha loved his church, and gave himself for her,

that he might sanctify her and purify her in the laver of waters and by the word,

Efésios 5:25,26

And now why delayest thou? Arise, baptize, and be washed from thy sins, while thou callest his Name.

Atos 22:16

but if we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

1 João 1:9

MY beloved, now are we the sons of Aloha; and it is not manifest, as yet, what we are to become, but we know, that when he is manifested, in his likeness we are and see him, according to that which he is.

And every one who hath in him this hope, purifieth himself, as He is pure.

1 João 3:2,3

Now are you clean because of the word which I have spoken with you.

João 15:3

how much more then shall the blood of the Meshiha, who, by the Eternal Spirit, himself hath offered without spot unto Aloha, purify our conscience from dead works, to serve the Aloha the Living?

Hebreus 9:14

but if in the light we walk, as He is in the light, we have communion with one another, and the blood of Jeshu his Son cleanseth us from all our sins.

1 João 1:7