Baruch 4

1 {\cf2 This is the booke of the commaundements of God, and the Lawe that endureth for euer: all they that keepe it, shal come to life: but such as forsake it, shall die.}

2 {\cf2 Turne thee, O Iacob, & take hold of it: walke by this brightnesse before the light thereof.}

3 {\cf2 Giue not thine honour to another, nor the things that are profitable vnto thee, to a strange nation.}

4 {\cf2 O Israel, we are blessed: for the things that are acceptable vnto God, are declared vnto vs.}

5 {\cf2 Be of good comfort, O my people, which art the memoriall of Israel.}

6 {\cf2 Ye are solde to the nations, not for your destruction: but because ye prouoked God to wrath, ye were deliuered vnto the enemies.}

7 {\cf2 For ye haue displeased him that made you, offering vnto deuils and not to God.}

8 {\cf2 Ye haue forgotten him that created you, euen the euerlasting God, and ye haue grieued Ierusalem, that nourished you.}

9 {\cf2 When shee sawe the wrath comming vpon you from God, she saide, Hearken, ye that dwell about Sion: for God hath brought me into great heauines.}

10 {\cf2 I see the captiuitie of my sonnes and daughters, which the Euerlasting will bring vpon them.}

11 {\cf2 With ioy did I nourish them, but I must leaue them with weeping and mourning.}

12 {\cf2 Let no man reioyce ouer me a widow, & forsaken of many, which for ye sinnes of my children am desolate, because they departed from ye Law of God.}

13 {\cf2 They would not know his righteousnes, nor walke in the wayes of his commandements: neither did they enter into the pathes of discipline, through his righteousnesse.}

14 {\cf2 Come, ye that dwell about Sion, and call to remembrance the captiuitie of my sonnes & daughters, which the euerlasting hath brought vpon them.}

15 {\cf2 For he hath brought vpon them a nation from farre, an impudent nation, and of a strange language,}

16 {\cf2 Which neither reuerence the aged, nor pitie the yong: these haue caried away the deare beloued of the widowes, leauing me alone, and destitute of my daughters.}

17 {\cf2 But what can I helpe you?}

18 {\cf2 Surely he that hath brought these plagues vpon you, can deliuer you from the handes of your enemies.}

19 {\cf2 Goe your way, O children, goe your way: for I am left desolate.}

20 {\cf2 I haue put off the clothing of peace, and put vpon me the sackcloth of prayer, and so long as I liue, I will call vpon the Euerlasting.}

21 {\cf2 Be of good comfort, O children: crye vnto God, and he will deliuer you from the power, and hand of the enemies.}

22 {\cf2 For I haue hope of your saluation through the Euerlasting, and ioy is come vpon me from the Holy one, because of the mercie, which shall quickly come vnto you from our euerlasting Sauiour.}

23 {\cf2 For I sent you away with weeping, & mourning: but with ioy and perpetuall gladnes will God bring you againe vnto me.}

24 {\cf2 Like as now the neighbours of Sion saw your captiuitie, so shall they also see shortly your saluation from God, which shall come vnto you with great glory, and brightnes from the Euerlasting.}

25 {\cf2 My children, suffer patiently the wrath that is come vpon you from God: for thine enemie hath persecuted thee, but shortly thou shalt see his destruction, and shalt treade vpon his necke.}

26 {\cf2 My darlings haue gone by rough wayes, and were led away as a flock that is scattered by ye enemies.}

27 {\cf2 Be of good comfort, my children, and crye vnto God: for he that led you away, hath you in remembrance.}

28 {\cf2 And as it came into your minde to goe astray from your God, so endeuour your selues ten times more, to turne againe and to seeke him.}

29 {\cf2 For he that hath brought these plagues vpon you, will bring you euerlasting ioy againe, with your saluation.}

30 {\cf2 Take a good heart, O Ierusalem: for he which gaue thee that name, will comfort thee.}

31 {\cf2 They are miserable that afflict thee, and such as reioyce at thy fall.}

32 {\cf2 The cities are miserable whom thy children serue: miserable is she that hath taken thy sonnes.}

33 {\cf2 For as she reioyced at thy decay, & was glad of thy fal, so shal she be sory for her owne desolatio.}

34 {\cf2 For I will take away ye reioycing of her great multitude, & her ioy shall be turned into mourning.}

35 {\cf2 For a fire shall come vpon her from the Euerlasting, long to endure, and she shall be inhabited of deuils for a great season.}

36 {\cf2 O Ierusalem, looke toward the East, and behold the ioy that cometh vnto thee from thy God.}

37 {\cf2 Lo, thy sonnes (whom thou hast let go) come gathered together from the East vnto the West, reioycing in the worde of the Holy one vnto the honour of God.}