Neemias 12

1 Now these [are] the priests and the Levites that went up with Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, and Jeshua: Seraiah, Jeremiah, Ezra,

2 Amariah, Malluch, Hattush,

3 Shecaniah, Rehum, Merimoth,

4 Iddo, Ginnetho, Abiiah,

5 Miamin, Maadiah, Bilgah,

6 Shemaiah, and Ioiarib, Iedaiah,

7 Sallu, Amok, Hilkiah, Jedaiah. These [were] the chief of the priests and of their brethren in the days of Jeshua.

8 Moreover the Levites: Jeshua, Binnui, Kadmiel, Sherebiah, Judah, [and] Mattaniah, [which was] over the thanksgiving, he and his brethren.

9 Also Bakbukiah and Unni, their brethren, [were] over against them in the watches.

10 And Ieshua begate Ioiakim: Ioiakim also begate Eliashib, and Eliashib begate Ioiada.

11 And Ioiada begate Ionathan, & Ionathan begate Iaddua,

12 And in the days of Joiakim were priests, the chief of the fathers: of Seraiah, Meraiah; of Jeremiah, Hananiah;

13 Vnder Ezra, Meshullam, vnder Amariah, Iehohanan,

14 Vnder Melicu, Ionathan, vnder Shebaniah, Ioseph,

15 Vnder Harim, Adna, vnder Maraioth, Helkai,

16 Vnder Iddo, Zechariah, vnder Ginnithon, Meshullam,

17 Of Abijah, Zichri; of Miniamin, of Moadiah, Piltai;

18 Vnder Bilgah, Shammua, vnder Shemaiah, Iehonathan,

19 Vnder Ioiarib, Mattenai, vnder Iedaiah, Vzzi,

20 Vnder Sallai, Kallai, vnder Amok, Eber,

21 Vnder Hilkiah, Hashabiah, vnder Iedaiah, Nethaneel.

22 In the dayes of Eliashib, Ioiada, and Iohanan and Iaddua were the chiefe fathers of the Leuites written, and the Priests in the reigne of Darius the Persian.

23 The sonnes of Leui, the chiefe fathers were written in the booke of the Chronicles euen vnto the dayes of Iohanan the sonne of Eliashib.

24 And the chief of the Levites: Hashabiah, Sherebiah, and Jeshua the son of Kadmiel, with their brethren over against them, to praise [and] to give thanks, according to the commandment of David the man of God, ward over against ward.

25 Mattaniah and Bakbukiah, Obadiah, Meshullam, Talmon and Akkub were porters keeping the warde at the thresholds of the gates.

26 These were in the dayes of Ioiakim, the sonne of Ieshua, the sonne of Iozadak, and in the dayes of Nehemiah the captaine, and of Ezra the Priest and scribe.

27 And in the dedication of the wall at Ierusalem they sought the Leuites out of all their places to bring them to Ierusalem to keepe the dedication and gladnes, both with thanksgiuings & with songs, cymbales, violes and with harpes.

28 And the sons of the singers gathered themselves together, both out of the plain country round about Jerusalem, and from the villages of Netophathi;

29 And from the house of Gilgal, and out of the countreis of Geba, and Azmaueth: for the singers had built them villages round about Ierusalem.

30 And the Priests and Leuites were purified, and clensed the people, & the gates, & the wall.

31 Then I brought up the princes of Judah upon the wall, and appointed two great [companies of them that gave] thanks, [whereof one] went on the right hand upon the wall toward the dung gate:

32 And after them went Hoshaiah, and halfe of the princes of Iudah,

33 And Azariah, Ezra and Meshullam,

34 Iudah, Beniamin, and Shemaiah, and Ieremiah,

35 And of the Priests sonnes with trumpets, Zechariah the sonne of Ionathan, the sonne of Shemaiah, the sonne of Mattaniah, the sonne of Michaiah, the sonne of Zaccur, ye sonne of Asaph.

36 And his brethren, Shemaiah, and Azarael, Milalai, Gilalai, Maai, Nethaneel, and Judah, Hanani, with the musical instruments of David the man of God, and Ezra the scribe before them.

37 And at the fountain gate, which was over against them, they went up by the stairs of the city of David, at the going up of the wall, above the house of David, even unto the water gate eastward.

38 And the seconde companie of them that gaue thankes, went on the other side, and I after them, and the halfe of the people was vpon the wal, and vpon the towre of the furnaces euen vnto the broad wall.

39 And vpon the gate of Ephraim, and vpon the olde gate, and vpon the fishgate, & the towre of Hananeel, and the towre of Meah, euen vnto the sheepegate: and they stood in the gate of the warde.

40 So stood the two companies (of them that gaue thankes) in the house of God, and I and the halfe of the rulers with me.

41 The Priests also, Eliakim, Maaseiah, Miniamin, Michaiah, Elioenai, Zechariah, Hananiah, with trumpets,

42 And Maaseiah, and Shemaiah, and Eleazar, and Vzzi, and Iehohanan, and Malchiiah, and Elam, and Ezer: and the singers sang loude, hauing Izrahiah which was the ouerseer.

43 And the same day they offered great sacrifices and reioyced: for God had giuen them great ioy, so that both the women, and the children were ioyfull: and the ioy of Ierusalem was heard farre off.

44 And at that time were some appointed over the chambers for the treasures, for the offerings, for the firstfruits, and for the tithes, to gather into them out of the fields of the cities the portions of the law for the priests and Levites: for Judah rejoiced for the priests and for the Levites that waited.

45 And both the singers and the Leuites kept the ward of their God, and the warde of the purification according to the commaundement of Dauid, and Salomon his sonne.

46 For in the dayes of Dauid and Asaph, of olde were chiefe singers, and songs of praise and thankesgiuing vnto God.

47 And all Israel in the days of Zerubbabel, and in the days of Nehemiah, gave the portions of the singers and the porters, every day his portion: and they sanctified [holy things] unto the Levites; and the Levites sanctified [them] unto the children of Aaron.