Sirach 11

1 {\cf2 Wisedome lifteth vp the head of him that is lowe, and maketh him to sit among great men.}

2 {\cf2 Commende not a man for his beautie, neither despise a man in his vtter appearance.}

3 {\cf2 The Bee is but smal among the foules, yet doeth her fruit passe in sweetenesse.}

4 {\cf2 Bee not proude of clothing and rayment, and exalt not thy selfe in the day of honour: for the workes of the Lorde are wonderfull, and glorious, secrete, and vnknowen are his workes among men.}

5 {\cf2 Many tyrants haue sit downe vpon the earth, and the vnlikely hath worne the crowne.}

6 {\cf2 Many mightie men haue bene brought to dishonour, and the honourable haue bene deliuered into other mens hands.}

7 {\cf2 Blame no man before thou haue inquired the matter: vnderstande first, and then reforme righteously.}

8 {\cf2 Giue no sentence, before thou hast heard the cause, neither interrupt men in the middes of their tales.}

9 {\cf2 Striue not for a matter that thou hast not to do with, and sit not in the iudgement of sinners.}

10 {\cf2 My sonne, meddle not with many matters: for if thou gaine much, thou shalt not be blamelesse, and if thou followe after it, yet shalt thou not attaine it, neither shalt thou escape, though thou flee from it.}

11 {\cf2 There is some man that laboureth and taketh paine, and the more hee hasteth, the more hee wanteth.}

12 {\cf2 Againe there is some that is slouthfull, and hath neede of helpe: for he wanteth strength, and hath great pouertie, yet ye eye of the Lord looketh vpon him to good, and setteth him vp from his lowe estate,}

13 {\cf2 And he lifteth vp his head: so that many men marueile at him, and giue honour vnto God.}

14 {\cf2 Prosperitie and aduersitie, life and death, pouertie and riches come of the Lord.}

15 {\cf2 Wisedome and knowledge, and vnderstanding of the Lawe are of the Lorde: loue and good workes come of him.}

16 {\cf2 Errour and darkenesse are appointed for sinners, and they that exalt them selues in euill, waxe olde in euill.}

17 {\cf2 The gift of the Lord remaineth for the godly, and his good will giueth prosperitie for euer.}

18 {\cf2 Some man is rich by his care and nigardship, and this is the portion of his wages,}

19 {\cf2 In that hee saith, I haue gotten rest, and nowe will I eate continually of my goods, yet hee considereth not, that the time draweth neere, that he must leaue all these things vnto other men, and die himselfe.}

20 {\cf2 Stand thou in thy state, and exercise thy selfe therein, and remaine in thy worke vnto thine age.}

21 {\cf2 Marueile not at the workes of sinners, but trust in the Lorde, and abide in thy labour: for it is an easie thing in the sight of the Lord, suddenly to make a poore man rich.}

22 {\cf2 The blessing of the Lorde is in the wages of the godly, and he maketh his prosperitie soone to flourish.}

23 {\cf2 Say not, What profite and pleasure shall I haue? and what good things shall I haue hereafter?}

24 {\cf2 Againe say not, I haue ynough, and possesse many thinges, and what euill can come to mee hereafter?}

25 {\cf2 In thy good state remember aduersitie, and in aduersitie forget not prosperitie.}

26 {\cf2 For it is an easie thing vnto the Lorde in the day of death to rewarde a man according to his wayes.}

27 {\cf2 The aduersitie of an houre maketh one to forget pleasure: and in a mans ende, his workes are discouered.}

28 {\cf2 Iudge none blessed before his death: for a man shalbe knowen by his children.}

29 {\cf2 Bring not euery man into thine house: for the deceitfull haue many traines, and are like stomackes that belche stinkingly.}

30 {\cf2 As a partriche is taken vnder a basket, and the hind is taken in the snare, so is the heart of the proud man, which like a spie watcheth for thy fall.}

31 {\cf2 For he lieth in waite and turneth good vnto euill, and in thinges worthie prayse hee will finde some faute.}

32 {\cf2 Of one litle sparke is made a great fire, and of one deceitfull man is blood increased: for a sinfull man laieth waite for blood.}

33 {\cf2 Beware of a wicked man: for hee imagineth wicked things to bring thee into a perpetual shame.}

34 {\cf2 Lodge a straunger, and hee will destroy thee with vnquietnesse, and driue thee from thine owne.}