Sirach 41

1 {\cf2 O death, how bitter is the remembrance of thee to a man that liueth at rest in his possessions, vnto the man that hath nothing to vexe him, and that hath prosperitie in all things: yea, vnto him that yet is able to receiue meate!}

2 {\cf2 O death, howe acceptable is thy iudgement vnto the needefull, and vnto him whose strength faileth, and that is nowe in the last age, and is vexed with all things, and to him that despaireth, and hath lost patience!}

3 {\cf2 Feare not the iudgement of death: remember them that haue bene before thee, and that come after: this is the ordinance of the Lord ouer all flesh.}

4 {\cf2 And why wouldest thou be against the pleasure of the most High? whether it bee tenne or an hundreth, or a thousand yeeres, there is no defence for life against the graue.}

5 {\cf2 The children of the vngodly are abominable children, and so are they that keepe companie with the vngodly.}

6 {\cf2 The inheritance of vngodly children shal perish, & their posteritie shall haue a perpetual shame.}

7 {\cf2 The children complaine of an vngodly father, because they are reproched for his sake.}

8 {\cf2 Woe be vnto you, O ye vngodly, which haue forsaken the Law of the most high God: for though you increase, yet shall you perish.}

9 {\cf2 If ye be borne, ye shall be borne to cursing: if ye die, the curse shalbe your portion.}

10 {\cf2 All that is of the earth, shal turne to earth againe: so the vngodly go fro the curse to destruction.}

11 {\cf2 Though men mourne for their body, yet the wicked name of the vngodly shall be put out.}

12 {\cf2 Haue regard to thy name: for that shal continnue, with thee aboue a thousande treasures of golde.}

13 {\cf2 A good life hath the dayes nombred: but a good name endureth euer.}

14 {\cf2 My children, keepe wisedome in peace: for wisdome that is hid, and a treasure that is not seene, what profite is in them both?}

15 {\cf2 A man that hideth his foolishnes, is better then a man that hideth his wisdome.}

16 {\cf2 Therefore beare reuerence vnto my wordes: for it is not good in all things to be ashamed: neither are all things allowed as faithfull in all men.}

17 {\cf2 Be ashamed of whoredome before father and mother: bee ashamed of lyes before the prince and men of authoritie:}

18 {\cf2 Of sinne before the Iudge and ruler: of offence before the congregation and people: of vnrighteousnes before a companion and friend,}

19 {\cf2 And of theft before the place where thou dwellest, and before the trueth of God and his couenant, and to leane with thine elbowes vpon the bread, or to be reproued for giuing or taking,}

20 {\cf2 And of silence vnto them that salute thee, and to looke vpon an harlot,}

21 {\cf2 And to turne away thy face from thy kinseman: or to take away a portion or a gift, or to bee euil minded toward another mans wife,}

22 {\cf2 Or to sollicite any mans mayd, or to stand by her bed, or to reproche thy friends with wordes,}

23 {\cf2 Or to vpbraide when thou giuest any thing, or to report a matter that thou hast heard, or to reueile secret wordes.}

24 {\cf2 Thus mayst thou well be shamefast, and shalt finde fauour with all men.}