Sirach 46

1 {\cf2 Iesus the sonne of Naue was valiant in the warres, and was the successour of Moyses in prophecies, who according vnto his name, was a great sauiour of the elect of God, to take vengeance of the enemies that rose vp against them, and to set Israel in their inheritance.}

2 {\cf2 What glory gate hee, when hee lift vp his hand, and drewe out his sword against the cities?}

3 {\cf2 Who was there before him, like to him? For he fought the battels of the Lord.}

4 {\cf2 Stoode not the sunne still by his meanes, and one day was as long as two?}

5 {\cf2 Hee called vnto the most High gouernour when the enemies preassed vpon him on euery side, and the mightie Lorde heard him with the haile stones, and with mightie power.}

6 {\cf2 He rushed in vpon the nations in battell, and in the going downe of Bethoron he destroyed the aduersaries, that they might know his weapons, and that he fought in the sight of the Lorde: for hee followed the Almightie.}

7 {\cf2 In the time of Moyses also hee did a good worke: he and Caleb the sonne of Iephune stood against the enemie, and withhelde the people from sinne, and appeased the wicked murmuring.}

8 {\cf2 And of sixe hundred thousand people of foote, they two were preserued to bring them into the heritage, euen into the land that floweth with milke and hony.}

9 {\cf2 The Lord gaue strength also vnto Caleb, which remained with him vnto his olde age, so that he went vp into the hie places of the land, and his seede obteined it for an heritage,}

10 {\cf2 That all the children of Israel might see, that it is good to followe the Lord.}

11 {\cf2 Concerning the Iudges, euery one by name, whose heart went not a whoring, nor departed from the Lord, their memorie be blessed.}

12 {\cf2 Let their bones flourish out of their place, & their names by succession remaine to them that are most famous of their children.}

13 {\cf2 Samuel the Prophet of the Lorde, beloued of his Lord, ordeined Kings, & anointed theprinces ouer his people.}

14 {\cf2 By the Lawe of the Lord he iudged the congregation, and the Lord had respect vnto Iacob.}

15 {\cf2 This Prophet was approued for his faithfulnesse, and he was knowen faithfull in his wordes and visions.}

16 {\cf2 He called vpon the Lord Almightie, when his enemies preassed vpon him on euery side, when he offered the sucking lambe.}

17 {\cf2 And the Lorde thundred from heauen, and made his voyce to be heard with a great noyse.}

18 {\cf2 So he discomfited the Princes of the Tyrians, and all the rulers of the Philistims.}

19 {\cf2 And before his long sleepe he made protestation in the sight of the Lorde, and his anointed, that he tooke no substance of any man, no, not so much as a shooe, and no man coulde accuse him.}

20 {\cf2 After his sleepe also he told of ye Kings death, and from the earth lift he vp his voyce, & prophesied that the wickednesse of the people should perish.}