Tobit 4

1 {\cf2 Better is barennes with vertue: for the memoriall thereof is immortall: for it is knowen with God and with men.}

2 {\cf2 When it is present, men take example thereat, and if it goe away, yet they desire it: it is alway crowned and triumpheth, and winneth the battell and the vndefiled rewardes.}

3 {\cf2 But the multitude of the vngodly which abound in children, is vnprofitable: and the bastard plants shall take no deepe roote, nor lay any fast foundation.}

4 {\cf2 For though they bud foorth in the branches for a time, yet they shalbe shaken with the winde: for they stand not fast, and through the vehemencie of the winde they shalbe rooted out.}

5 {\cf2 For the vnperfect branches shalbe broken, and their fruite shalbe vnprofitable and sowre to eate, and meete for nothing.}

6 {\cf2 For all the children that are borne of the wicked bed, shalbe witnes of the wickednes against their parents when they be asked.}

7 {\cf2 But though the righteous be preuented with death, yet shall he be in rest.}

8 {\cf2 For the honourable age is not that which is of long time, neither that which is measured by the number of yeeres.}

9 {\cf2 But wisdome is the gray heare, and an vndefiled life is the olde age.}

10 {\cf2 He pleased God, and was beloued of him, so that where as he liued among sinners, he translated him.}

11 {\cf2 He was taken away, least wickednesse shouldalter his vnderstanding, or deceit beguile his minde.}

12 {\cf2 For wickednes by bewitching obscureth the thinges that are good, and the vnstedfastnesse of concupiscence peruerteth the simple minde.}

13 {\cf2 Though he was soone dead, yet fulfilled hee much time.}

14 {\cf2 For his soule pleased God: therefore hasted he to take him away from wickednes.}

15 {\cf2 Yet the people see and vnderstand it not, and consider no such things in their heartes, howe that grace and mercie is vpon his Saintes, and his prouidence ouer the elect.}

16 {\cf2 Thus the righteous that is dead, condemneth the vngodly which are liuing: and the youth that is soone brought to an ende, the long life of the vnrighteous.}

17 {\cf2 For they see the ende of the wise, but they vnderstand not what God hath deuised for him, and wherefore the Lord hath preserued him in safetie.}

18 {\cf2 They see him and despise him, but the Lorde wil laugh them to scorne,}

19 {\cf2 So that they shall fall hereafter without honour, and shall haue a shame among the dead for euermore: for without any voice shal he burst them and cast them downe, & shake them from the fundations, so that they shalbe vtterly wasted, and they shalbe in sorow, and their memoriall shall perish.}

20 {\cf2 So they being afraide, shall remember their sinnes, and their owne wickednes shall come before them to conuince them.}