No one can serve two masters. For either he will hate one and love the other or he will hold to one and despise the other. You cannot serve God and Mammon.

Mateus 6:24

To every one who asks, give, and from him who takes your things, do not ask them back.

Lucas 6:30

Pay to all their dues, tribute to whom tribute is due, custom to whom custom is due, respect to whom respect is due, honor to whom honor is due.

Romanos 13:7

For which of you wishing to build a tower does not first sit down and compute the cost, whether he has enough to complete it,

Lucas 14:28

Let your lives be free from the love of money. Be content with what you have. For he has said, "I will not fail you nor will I forsake you."

Hebreus 13:5

And forgive us our failures As we forgive those who fail toward us;

Mateus 6:12

Owe no one anything, except to love one another. He who loves the other has fulfilled the Law.

Romanos 13:8