1 Sotheli Joob answeride, and seide,

2 Now also my word is in bitternesse, and the hond of my wounde is agreggid on my weilyng.

3 Who yyueth to me, that Y knowe, and fynde hym, and come `til to his trone?

4 Y schal sette doom bifor hym, and Y schal fille my mouth with blamyngis;

5 that Y kunne the wordis, whiche he schal answere to me, and that Y vnderstonde, what he schal speke to me.

6 Y nyle, that he stryue with me bi greet strengthe, nether oppresse me with the heuynesse of his greetnesse.

7 Sette he forth equite ayens me, and my doom come perfitli to victorie.

8 If Y go to the eest, God apperith not; if Y go to the west, Y schal not vndurstonde hym; if Y go to the left side,

9 what schal Y do? Y schal not take hym; if Y turne me to the riyt side, Y schal not se hym.

10 But he knowith my weie, and he schal preue me as gold, that passith thorouy fier.

11 My foot suede hise steppis; Y kepte his weie, and Y bowide not awey fro it.

12 Y yede not awei fro the comaundementis of hise lippis; and Y hidde in my bosum the wordis of his mouth.

13 For he is aloone, and no man may turne awei hise thouytis; and what euer thing he wolde, his wille dide this thing.

14 Whanne he hath fillid his wille in me, also many othere lijk thingis ben redi to hym.

15 And therfor Y am disturblid of his face, and Y biholdynge hym am anguyschid for drede.

16 God hath maad neische myn herte, and Almyyti God hath disturblid me.

17 For Y perischide not for derknessis neiyynge; nethir myist hilide my face.