Wisdom is building her house, but the foolish woman is pulling it down with her hands.

Provérbios 14:1

1 And it came about, after a short time, that he went through town and country giving the good news of the kingdom of God, and with him were the twelve,

2 And certain women who had been made free from evil spirits and diseases, Mary named Magdalene, from whom seven evil spirits had gone out,

3 And Joanna, the wife of Chuza, Herod's chief house-servant, and Susanna and a number of others, who gave him of their wealth for his needs.

Lucas 8:1-3

3 That old women are to be self-respecting in behaviour, not saying evil of others, not given to taking much wine, teachers of that which is good,

4 Training the younger women to have love for their husbands and children,

5 To be wise in mind, clean in heart, kind; working in their houses, living under the authority of their husbands; so that no evil may be said of the word of God.

Tito 2:3-5

21 And the Lord God sent a deep sleep on the man, and took one of the bones from his side while he was sleeping, joining up the flesh again in its place:

22 And the bone which the Lord God had taken from the man he made into a woman, and took her to the man.

23 And the man said, This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh: let her name be Woman because she was taken out of Man.

Gênesis 2:21-23

A woman who is full of grace is honoured, but a woman hating righteousness is a seat of shame: those hating work will undergo loss, but the strong keep their wealth.

Provérbios 11:16

And God made man in his image, in the image of God he made him: male and female he made them.

Gênesis 1:27

And now, my daughter, have no fear; I will do for you whatever you say: for it is clear to all my townspeople that you are a woman of virtue.

Rute 3:11

Women are to be serious in behaviour, saying no evil of others, controlling themselves, true in all things.

1 Timóteo 3:11

It is better to be living in a waste land, than with a bitter-tongued and angry woman.

Provérbios 21:19

Fair looks are a deceit, and a beautiful form is of no value; but a woman who has the fear of the Lord is to be praised.

Provérbios 31:30

And you husbands, give thought to your way of life with your wives, giving honour to the woman who is the feebler vessel, but who has an equal part in the heritage of the grace of life; so that you may not be kept from prayer.

1 Pedro 3:7

A woman of virtue is a crown to her husband; but she whose behaviour is a cause of shame is like a wasting disease in his bones.

Provérbios 12:4

Wives, be ruled by your husbands; so that even if some of them give no attention to the word, their hearts may be changed by the behaviour of their wives,

1 Pedro 3:1

House and wealth are a heritage from fathers, but a wife with good sense is from the Lord.

Provérbios 19:14