Colossenses 3

1 If then you were raised with the Anointed, the things above seek you, where the Anointed is at right of the God sitting;

2 the things above mind you, not the things on the earth.

3 You did for, and the life of you has been hidden with the Anointed by the God; Colossians

4 when the Anointed may appear, the life of us, then also you with him shall appear in glory.

5 Put you to death therefore the members of you those on the earth, fornication, impurity, passion, desire evil, and the covetousness, which is idol worship;

6 because of which things comes the wrath of the God on the sons of the disobedience;

7 in which things also you walked once, when you were living among them; Colossians

8 now but put off also you the things all, anger, wrath, malice, evil speaking, filthy words out of the mouth of you;

9 not speak you falsely to each other; having stripped the old man with the practices of him,

10 and having put on the new, that being renewed by exact knowledge according to an image of the one having created him;

11 where not exists Greek and Jew; circumcision and uncircumcision; barbarian, Scythian; slave, freeman; but the things all and in all Anointed.

12 Be you clothed therefore, as chosen ones of God holy ones and beloved ones, bowels of mercy, kindness, humility, meekness, patient endurance;

13 (bearing with each other, and freely forgiving each other, if any one for some things should have a cause of complaint; as even the Anointed freely forgave you, so also you;)

14 besides all and these the love, which is a bond of the completeness;

15 and the peace of the Anointed one let preside in the hearts of you, for which also you were called in one body; and thankful ones become you.

16 The word of the Anointed let dwell in you richly; in all wisdom teaching, and admonishing each other in psalms and in hymns and in songs spiritual, with favor singing in the hearts of you to the God;

17 and every thing, whatever you may do, in word or in work, all in name of Lord Jesus, giving thanks to the God and Father through him.

18 The wives, submit yourselves to the husbands, as it has been proper in Lord. Colossians

19 The husbands, love you the wives, and not be you embittered against them. Colossians

20 The children, be you subject to the parents in all things; this for is well–pleasing in Lord.

21 The fathers, not do you provoke the children of you, so that not they may be discouraged.

22 The slaves, be you subject in all things to the according to flesh lords, not with service of eyes, as men–pleasers, but in sincerity of heart, fearing the Lord;

23 and every thing, whatever you may do, from soul work you, as to the Lord and not to men.

24 Knowing, that from Lord you will receive the recompence of the inheritance, the for Lord Anointed you serve.

25 He but doing wrong will receive back what he did wrong; and not is respect of persons.