2 Coríntios 8

1 We make known but to you, O brethren, the favor of the God that having been given by the congregations of the Macedonia;

2 that in much trial of affliction abundance of the joy of them, and the in deep poverty of them, abounded to the wealth of the liberality of them;

3 because according to power ( testify) and beyond power of their own accord,

4 with much earnest entreaty asking of us the favor even the participation of the service of that for the saints.

5 And not as we expected, but themselves they gave first to the Lord, and to us, through will of God;

6 in order that to intreat us Titus, that as he before began, so also he would perfect among you also the gift this.

7 But as in every thing you abound, (in faith and in word and in knowledge and in all diligence, and in the form of you to us love,) that also in this the favor you may abound;

8 not according to a command I speak, but through of the of others diligence, and that of the your love reality am proving;

9 (you know for the favor of the Lord of us Jesus Anointed, that on account of you he became poor rich being, so that you by the of him poverty might become rich;)

10 and an opinion in this I give. This for you to you is profitable, who not alone the to do, but also the to will before began from last year;

11 now but also the to do do you perfect, that as the promptness of the to will, so also the to finish out of the to have.

12 If for the promptness is placed first, according to what may have any one, acceptable, not according to what not he has.

13 Not for, that to others rest, to you but affliction, but out of an equality; in the present season the to you abundance for the of them want,

14 so that also the of them abundance may be for the of you want, so that may be an equality;

15 even as it has been written: He the much, not had over; and he the little, not had lack.

16 Thanks but to the God to the having given the same earnestness on behalf of you in the heart of Titus;

17 because the indeed exhortation he received; more earnest but being, of his own accord he went out to you.

18 We sent together and with him the brother, of whom the praise in the glad tidings through all of the congregations;

19 not only and but also having been voted by the congregation a fellow–traveler of us with the gift this, that being administered by us for the same the Lord glory and readiness of mind of us;

20 avoiding this, not anyone is us should blame in the abundance this the being served by us;

21 we are purposing for good things not only in presence of Lord, but also in presence of men.

22 We sent together and with them the brother of us, whom we proved in many things many times diligent being, now but much more diligent, confidence great in that for you.

23 And if on behalf of Titus, partner my and for you a fellow–laborer; and if brethren of us, apostles of congregations, glory of Anointed.

24 The therefore proof of the love of you, and of us boasting on behalf of you, for them point you out in face of the congregations.