2 Coríntios 10

1 Same and I Paul beseech you on account of the meekness and gentleness of the Anointed, who according to face indeed humble among you, being absent but am bold toward you;

2 I pray but, that not being present to be bold with the confidence, with which I reckon to have daring toward some those reckoning us as according to flesh walking.

3 In flesh for walking, not according to flesh warring.

4 (the for arms of the warfare of us not fleshly, but powerful in the God for a casting down of fortresses,)

5 reasonings casting down and every height raising itself up against the knowledge of the God, and leading captive every mind into the obedience of the Anointed,

6 and in preparation having to punish every disobedience, when may be fulfilled of you the obedience.

7 The things according to face do you see? If any one has persuaded himself of Anointed to be, this let him consider again from himself that even as he of Anointed, so also we.

8 If indeed for even more abundantly somewhat I should boast concerning the authority of us, which gave the Lord to us, for building up and not for casting down of you, not I shall be ashamed.

9 So that not I may seem as I would terrify you by means of the letters;

10 (because the indeed letters, he says, weighty and powerful; the but presence of the body weak, and the word having been despised;)

11 this let consider the such an one, that such ones were by the word through letters being absent, such like ones also being present in the work.

12 Not for we dare to rank or to compare ourselves with some of those themselves commending; but they by themselves themselves measuring, and comparing themselves with themselves, not are intelligent.

13 We and not for the things unmeasured we will boast, but according to the measure of the rule, of which distributed to us the God of measure, to reach to even you.

14 Not for, as not reaching to you, we over stretch ourselves; (to for even you we came in the glad tidings of the Anointed;)

15 not for the things unmeasured boasting in others labors, a hope but having, being increased of the faith of you, by you to be enlarged according to the rule of us into superabundance,

16 to the parts beyond of you to announce glad tidings; not by another rule for the things ready to boast.

17 The but one boasting, in Lord let him boast.

18 Not for he himself commending, he is approved, but whom the Lord commends.