Judas 1

1 Judas, of Jesus Anointed a bond–servant, a brother and of James, to those in God a Father sanctified one and of Jesus Anointed preserved ones called ones;

2 mercy to you and peace and love may be multiplied.

3 Beloved ones, all haste making to write to you, concerning the common salvation a necessity I had to have written to you exhorting to earnestly contend for the once having been delivered to the saints faith.

4 Privily entered for some men, those of old having been previously designated for this the judgment, impious ones, the of the God of us favor changing into licentiousness, and the holy sovereign and Lord of us Jesus Anointed denying.

5 To remind but you I wish, knowing you once this, because the Lord, people out of land of Egypt having saved, the second time those not having believed he destroyed;

6 messengers and those not having kept the of themselves principality, but having left the own habitation, for a judgment of a great day, with chains perpetual under thick darkness have been kept;

7 as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the about them cities, the like to them manner having committed fornication, and having gone away after flesh of another, are placed before an example, of fire age–lasting retributive justice are undergoing.

8 In like manner truly also these dream ones flesh indeed they pollute, lordships and they set aside, glories and they revile.

9 The but Michael the chief messenger, when with the accuser contending he reasoned about the of Moses; body, not he dared a judgment to bring against of reviling, but he said: May rebuke thee Lord.

10 These but, what things indeed not they know, they revile; what things but naturally, as the irrational animals, they know, in these things they are corrupt.

11 Woe, to them, because in the way of the Kain they went, and in the error of the Balaam reward they rushed, and in the contradiction of the Kore they destroyed themselves.

12 These are in the love–feasts of you hidden rocks, feasting together without fear, themselves feeding; clouds without water, by winds being swept along; trees autumnal, unfruitful, twice having died, having been rooted;

13 waves wild of sea, foaming out the of themselves shame; stars wandering, for which the gloom of the darkness for an age has been kept.

14 Prophesied and also these seventh from Adam Enoch, saying: Lo, came a Lord in holy myriads of himself,

15 to execute judgment against all, and convict all the impious one of them concerning all of the works of impiety of them which they did impiously, and concerning all of the hard things, as spoke against him sinners impious.

16 These are murmurers, complainers, according to the lusts of themselves walking; and the mouth of them speaks swelling words, admiring faces, of gain on account.

17 You but, beloved ones, do you remember the words of those having been before spoken by the apostles of the Lord of us Jesus Anointed;

18 that they said to you, that in last time will be scoffers, according to the of themselves lusts walking the impious.

19 These are they marking out boundaries themselves, soulical ones, a spirit not having.

20 You but beloved ones, in the most holy of you faith building up yourselves, in spirit holy praying,

21 yourselves in love of God do you keep, looking for the mercy of the Lord of us Jesus Anointed for life age–lasting.

22 And some indeed do you pity discriminating;

23 some but in fear do you save, out of the fire snatching; hating even the from the flesh having been spotted garment.

24 To the now one being powerful to guard you from stumbling, and to place in presence of the glory of himself blameless with exceeding joy,

25 to only God a savior of us, through Jesus Anointed of the Lord of us glory and majesty, strength and authority, both now and for all the ages; so be it.