Romanos 13

1 Every soul to authorities being above let be submissive. Not for is authority if not from God; those and being, under God having been arranged are.

2 So the one setting himself in opposition to the authority, to the of the God institution has been opposed; they but having been set in opposition, to themselves judgment will receive.

3 The for rulers not are a terror of the good works, but of the evil ones. Wishest thou and not to fear the authority? the good do thou; and thou wilt have praise from her;

4 of God for a servant he is to thee for the good. If but the evil thou shouldst do, fear thou; not for in vain the sword he bears; of God for a servant he is, an avenger for wrath to him the evil practising.

5 Wherefore necessity to be submissive, not only on account of the wrath, but also on account of the conscience.

6 On account of this for also taxes pay you; public ministers for of God they are, to same this constantly attending.

7 Render therefore to all the dues; to him the tax, the tax; to him the custom, the custom; to him the fear, the fear; to him the honor, the honor.

8 To no one nothing owe you, if not that each other you should love; the for loving the other, a law has fulfilled.

9 That for: Not thou shalt commit adultery. Not thou shalt commit murder. Not thou shalt steal. Not thou shalt covet; and if any other commandment, in this the word it is brought under one head, in this: Thou shalt love the neighbor of thee as thyself.

10 The love to the neighbor evil not works; a fulfilling then of law the love.

11 And this, knowing the season, that an hour us already out of sleep to be aroused; (now for nearer of us the salvation, than when we believed;

12 the night is far advanced, the and day has approached;) we should put off therefore the works of the darkness, and should put on the weapons of the light.

13 As in day, decently we should walk, not in revelings and in drinkings, not in whoredoms and in debaucheries, not in strife and envyings;

14 but put you on the Lord Jesus Anointed, and of the flesh provision not make you for lusts.