Romanos 14

1 The but weak to the faith, take to yourselves, not for differences of reasoning.

2 Who indeed believes to eat all things; the but one being weak herbs eats.

3 The one eating, the not one eating not despise; and the not eating, the one eating not judge; the God for him received to himself.

4 Thou who art the judging belonging to another household servant? to the own Lord he stands or he falls; he shall be made to stand and; able for is the God to make stand.

5 Indeed esteems a day from a day, another but esteems every day; each in the own mind let be fully assured.

6 He minding the day, to Lord minds; and he not minding the day, to Lord not minds. And he eating, to Lord eats, he gives thanks for to the God; and he not eating, to Lord not eats, and he gives thanks to the God.

7 No one for of you to himself lives, and no one to himself dies.

8 If both for we live, to the Lord we live; if and we die, to the Lord we die. If both therefore we live, if and we die, of the Lord we are.

9 To this for Anointed both died and lived, so that both of dead ones and living he might be lord.

10 Thou but, why judgest the brother of thee? or also thou, why settest at nought the brother of thee? all for shall stand before the judgment seat of the Anointed.

11 It has been written for: Live I, says Lord, because to me shall bend every knee, and every tongue shall confess to the God.

12 So then each one of us concerning himself an account shall give to the God.

13 No longer therefore each other we should judge; but this judge you rather, that not to place a stumbling–block to the brother or a cause of fall.

14 I know, and have been persuaded in Lord Jesus, that nothing common through itself, if not to him regarding anything common to be, to him common;

15 If but through food the brother of thee is grieved, no longer according to love dost thou walk. Not with the food of thee him do thou destroy, on behalf of whom Anointed died.

16 Not let be evil spoken of therefore of you the good.

17 Not for is the kingdom of the God eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in spirit holy;

18 he for in this doing service for the Anointed, well–pleasing to the God, and approved by the men.

19 So then the things of the peace we should pursue, and the things of the building up of that for each other.

20 Not on account of food demolish the work of the God. All things indeed you pure; but evil for the man for that through a stumbling–block eating.

21 Good the not to eat flesh, not to drink wine, nor by which the brother of thee stumbles, or in ensnared, or in weakened.

22 Thou faith hast; according to thyself hold it in presence of the God. Blessed he not judging himself in what he approves.

23 He but discerning a difference, if he should eat, has been condemned, because not from faith; every thing and which not from faith, sin is.