Romanos 10

1 Brethren, the indeed good–will of the my heart, and the prayer that to the God, on behalf of them for salvation.

2 I testify for to them, that a zeal for God they have, but not according to knowledge.

3 Being ignorant for the of the God righteousness, and the own seeking to establish, to the righteousness of the God not they were brought under.

4 An end for a law Anointed, for righteousness to every one to the believing.

5 Moses for writes the righteousness that from the law: That the having done those things man, shall live in them.

6 The but from faith righteousness thus speaks: Not thou myself say in the heart of thee: Who shall ascend into the heaven? this is, an Anointed to lead down.

7 Or, who shall go down into the abyss? this is, an Anointed out of dead ones to lead back.

8 But what says it? Near thee the word is, in the mouth of thee, and in the heart of thee; this is, the word of the faith which we publish;

9 that if thou wilt confess with the mouth of thee Lord Jesus, and thou wilt believe in the heart of thee, that the God him raised out of dead ones, thou shalt be saved.

10 (In heart for it is believed for righteousness; with mouth and it is confessed for salvation.)

11 Says for the writing: Every one the believing on him, not shall be ashamed.

12 Not for is a distinction of Jew both and of Greek; the for same Lord of all, being rich towards all those calling upon him.

13 Every one for who may call on the name of Lord, shall be saved.

14 How then shall they call on, into whom not they believed? how and shall they believe, where not they heard? how and shall they hear without one proclaiming?

15 How and shall the proclaim, if not they should be sent; as it has been written: How beautiful the feet of those announcing glad tidings of peace, of those announcing glad tidings the things good.

16 But not all obeyed the glad tidings. Esaias for says: O Lord, who believed the hearing of us?

17 (Then the faith from hearing; the and hearing through a word of God.)

18 But I say: Not not they heard? Yes indeed into all the earth went out the sound of them, and into the ends of the inhabited earth the words of them.

19 But I say: Not Israel now knew? First Moses says: I will provoke to jealousy you by not a nation, by a nation unenlightened I will provoke to anger you.

20 Esaias but is very bold, and says: I was found by those me not seeking, manifest I became to those me not asking.

21 In respect to but the Israel he says: Whole the day I stretched out the hands of me to a people disobeying and contradicting.