Romanos 3

1 What then the pre–eminence of the Jew? or what the profit of the circumcision?

2 Much, according to every mode. First indeed for, because they were entreated with the oracles of the God.

3 What for? if believed not some, not the unbelief of them the faith of the God will make void?

4 Not let it be; let it be but the God true, every but man a liar, even as it has been written: That thou mayest be justified in the words of thee, and mayest conquer in the to be judged thee.

5 If but the unrighteousness of us of God righteousness establishes, what shall we say? not unrighteous the God that inflicting wrath? (according to man I speak.)

6 Not let it be; otherwise how will judge the God the world?

7 If for the truth of the God by the my falsehood abounded to the glory of him, why yet also I as a sinner am judged?

8 And not (as we are falsely accused, and as affirm some of us to say,) that we may do the evil things, so that may come the good things? of whom the judgment just is.

9 What then? do we excel? Not at all; we before convicted for, Jews both and Greeks all under sin to be?

10 even as it has been written: That not is just not even one;

11 not is he understanding, not is he seeking out the God;

12 all turned aside, together they were unprofitable; not is doing goodness, not is even one.

13 A sepulchre having been opened the throat of them; with the tongues of them they deceived. Venom of asps under the lips of them;

14 Of whom the mouth of cursing and bitterness is full.

15 Swift the feet of them to pour out blood;

16 ruin and misery in the ways of them;

17 and a way of peace not they knew.

18 Not is fear of God before the eyes of them.

19 We know and, that what things the law says, to those under the law it speaks; that every mouth may be stopped, and liable to penalty may become all the world to the God.

20 Therefore from works of law not shall be justified all flesh before him; through for law an acknowledgment of sin.

21 Now but without law a righteousness of God has been made manifest, being attested by the law and the prophets,

22 a righteousness even of God through faith of Jesus Anointed, to all and upon all the believing; not for is a distinction.

23 All for sinned, and come short of the glory of the God,

24 being justified freely, by the of him favor, through the redemption that in Anointed Jesus;

25 whom set forth the God a mercy–seat through the faith by the of him blood, for a pointing out of the righteousness of himself, through the passing by of the formerly committed sins in the forbearance of the God;

26 to a point out of the righteousness of himself in the present time, in order that to be him righteous, and justifying him of faith of Jesus.

27 Where then the boasting? it is shut out. Through what kind of law? of the works? no, but through a law of faith;

28 we reckon for, to be justified by faith a man, without works of law.

29 Or of Jews the God alone? not and of Gentiles? yes also of Gentiles.

30 Since one the God, who will justify circumcision from faith, and uncircumcision through the faith.

31 Law then do we nullify through the faith? Not let it be; but law we establish.