1 Coríntios 11

1 Imitators of me become you, even as also I of Anointed.

2 I praise and you, brethren, because all things of me you have remembered, and as I delivered to you the traditions you retain.

3 I wish but you to have knowledge, that of every man the head the Anointed is; head but of woman, the man; head but of Anointed, the God.

4 Every man praying or prophesying upon head having, disgraces the head of himself.

5 Every but woman praying or prophesying uncovered with the head, disgraces the head of herself; one for it is and the same with the having been shaven.

6 If for not is covered a woman, also let her hair be cut off; if but a disgrace to a woman the hair to be cut off or to be shaven let her be covered.

7 A man indeed for not it is fitting to be covered the head, a likeness and glory of God being; a woman but glory of a man is;

8 not for is man from woman, but woman from man;

9 even for not was created man on account of the woman, but woman on account of the man.

10 On account of this it is fitting the woman authority to have on the head, on account of the messengers.

11 But neither woman without man, nor man without woman, in Lord.

12 As for the woman from the man, so also the man through the woman; the but all things out of the God.

13 In yourselves judge you; becoming is it a woman uncovered to the God to pray?

14 Or not even herself the nature teaches you, that a man indeed if he should wear long hair, a disgrace to him it is?

15 A woman and if should wear long hair, a glory to her it is? because the hair instead of a cover has been given to her.

16 If but any one thinks contentious to be, we such like custom not have, nor the congregations of the God.

17 This but announcing not I praise, because not for the better, but for the worse you come together.

18 First indeed for, being come together of you in an assembly, I hear divisions among you to be; and of a part certain I believe;

19 it is necessary for also heresies among you to be, so that the approved ones manifest may become among you.

20 Coming together therefore of you to the same, not it is Lord’s supper to eat,

21 each one for the own supper takes before in the to eat, and one indeed is hungry, one but is filled.

22 Not for houses not have you for the to eat and to drink? or the congregation of the God despise you, and shame you those not having? What to you may I say? shall I praise you? In this not I praise.

23 I for received from the Lord, what also I delivered to you, that the Lord Jesus in the night in which he was delivered up, took a loaf,

24 and having given thanks he broke, and said: This of me is the body that on behalf of you being broken; this do you for the my remembrance.

25 In like manner also the cup, after the to have supped, saying: This the cup the new covenant is in the my blood; this do you, as often as you may drink, for the my remembrance.

26 As often as for you may eat the loaf this, and the cup this you may drink, the death of the Lord you announce till of whom may come.

27 So that who may eat the loaf, or may drink the cup of the Lord unworthily, an offender against will be the body and the blood of the Lord.

28 Let examine but a man himself, and thus from of the loaf let him eat, and from of the cup let him drink;

29 the for one eating and drinking unworthily, judgment to himself eats and drinks, not discerning the body of the Lord.

30 Through this among you many weak ones and sickly ones, and are asleep some.

31 If for ourselves we examined, not we should be judged;

32 being judged but by Lord, we are corrected, so that not with the world we should be condemned.

33 Therefore, brethren of me, being come together for the to eat, each other you receive from.

34 If any one should be hungry, in a house let him eat; that not for judgment you may come together. The but other things, when I may come, I will arrange.