1 Coríntios 16

1 Concerning and the collection that for the saints, as I appointed to the congregations of the Gentiles, so also you do.

2 Every first of week each one of you by itself let him place, treasuring up, what thing he may be prospered; so that not when I may come, then collections may be made.

3 When and I may arrive, whom if you may approve, by letters these I will send to carry the gift of you to Jerusalem;

4 if but it may be be worthy of the even me to go, with me they shall go.

5 I will come but to you, when Macedonia I may have passed through; (Macedonia for I pass through;)

6 with you and it may happen I will remain, or even I shall winter, so that you me may send before where if I may go.

7 Not I wish for you now in passing by to see; I hope for time some to remain with you, if the Lord should permit.

8 I shall remain but in Ephesus till the pentecost;

9 a door for to me has been opened great and effective, and opposers many.

10 If and should have come Timothy, see you, that without fear he may be to you; the for work of Lord he works as even I;

11 I not any one therefore him may despise. Send on before and him in peace, so that he may come to me; I expect for him with the brethren.

12 Concerning and Apollos the brother, much I entreated him, that he would go to you with the brethren, and at all not was will, that now he should go; he will go but, when he may find opportunity.

13 Watch you, stand you firm in the faith, be you manly, be you strong;

14 all things of you in love let it be done.

15 I entreat and you, brethren; you know the household of Stephanas, that it is a first–fruit of the Achaia, and for service to the saints they devoted themselves;

16 that also you should be submissive to the such like persons, and to every one to the one working with and laboring with.

17 I rejoice but on the presence of Stephanas and Fortunatus and Achaicus, because the of you want these supplied;

18 they refreshed for the my spirit and that of you. Acknowledge therefore the such like persons.

19 Salute you the congregations of the Asia. Salute you in Lord much Aquila and Priscilla, with the in house of them congregation.

20 Salute you the brethren all. Salute you each other with a kiss holy.

21 The salvation with the my hand of Paul.

22 If any one not has affection for the Lord Jesus Anointed, let him be accursed; the Lord comes.

23 The favor of the Lord Jesus Anointed, with you.

24 The love of me with all of you in Anointed Jesus. So be it.