1 Coríntios 2

1 And I having come to you, brethren, came not according to excellence of speech or of wisdom, declaring to you the testimony of the God.

2 Not for I determined any thing to make known among you, if not Jesus Anointed, and this having been crucified.

3 And I in weakness, and in fear and in trembling much was with you;

4 and the speech of me and the preaching of me not in persuasive wisdom of words, but in a display of spirit and of power;

5 so that the faith of you not may be in wisdom of men, but in power of God.

6 Wisdom but we speak among the perfect ones. Wisdom but not of the age this, nor of the rulers of the age this, of those coming to an end;

7 but we speak of God wisdom in a mystery, that having been hidden, which previously marked out the God before the ages, for glory of us;

8 which no one of the rulers of the age this has known; (if for they knew, not would the Lord of the glory they crucified;)

9 but, even as it has been written: What things eye now saw, and ear not heard, and to heart of man not ascended, what prepared the God for those loving him.

10 To us but revealed the God through the spirit of himself; the for spirit all things searches, even the depths of the God.

11 Who for knows of men the things of the men, if not the spirit of the man that in him? so also the things of the God no one knows, if not the spirit of the God.

12 We but not the spirit of the world received, but the spirit that from God, that we may know the things by the God having been graciously given to us;

13 which things also we speak, not by teachings of human wisdom in words, but by teachings of spirit, to spiritual ones spiritual things explaining.

14 An animal but man not receives the things of the spirit of the God; foolishness for to him it is, and not he is able to know; because spiritually it is examined.

15 The but spiritual man examines indeed all things, himself but by no one is examined.

16 Who for knew mind of Lord, who will instruct him? We but mind of Anointed have.