1 Coríntios 12

1 Concerning and the spirituals, brethren, not I wish you to be ignorant.

2 You know, that Gentiles you were, to the idols those speechless, even as you might be led, being hurried away;

3 wherefore I declare to you, that no one by spirit of God speaking, says a curse Jesus; and no one is able to say Lord Jesus, if not by a spirit holy.

4 Varieties and of gracious gifts are, the but same spirit;

5 and varieties of services are, and the same Lord;

6 and varieties of inworking are, the but same God, who is working the all things in all.

7 To each one but is given the manifestation of the spirit to the benefit;

8 to one indeed for through the spirit is given a word of wisdom, to another and a word of knowledge, according to the same spirit;

9 to another and faith, by the same spirit; to another and gracious gifts of cures, by the same spirit;

10 to another and inworkings of powers, to another and prophecy, to another and discernings of spirit, to another and kinds of tongues, to another and an interpretation of tongues.

11 All but these things works that one and the same spirit, distributing particularly to each one as it wills.

12 Just as for the body one is, and members has many, all but the members of the body of the one, many being, one is body; thus also the Anointed.

13 Even for in one spirit we all into one body were dipped; whether Jews, or Greeks, whether slaves, or freeman; and all into one spirit were made to drink.

14 Also for the body not is one member, but many.

15 If should say the foot: Because not I am a hand, not I am from of the body; not from this not is it from of the body?

16 And if should say the ear: Because not I am an eye, not I am from of the body; not from this not is it from of the body?

17 If whole the body an eye, where the hearing? if whole hearing, where the small?

18 Now but the God placed the members, one each of them in the body, as he would.

19 If but was the all one member, where the body?

20 Now but many indeed members, one but body.

21 Not is able the eye to say to the hand: Need of thee not I have; or again the head to the feet: Need of you not I have.

22 But much more the seeming members of the body more feeble to be, necessary it is;

23 and those we think less honorable to be of the body, to these honor more abundant we place around; and the uncomely parts of us comeliness more abundant has;

24 the but comely parts of us, no need has. But the God combined the body, to the part being inferior more abundant having given honor,

25 so that not many be division in the body, but the same on behalf each other may be concerned the members.

26 And whether suffers one member, suffers with all the members; or is glorified one member, rejoices with all the members.

27 You but are a body of Anointed, and members from parts.

28 And these indeed placed the God in the congregation first apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after that powers, then gracious gifts of cures, helpers, directors, kinds of tongues.

29 Not all, apostles? not all, prophets? not all, teachers? Not all, powers?

30 Not all, gracious gifts have of cures? not all, with tongues speak? not all interpret?

31 You earnestly desire but the gracious gifts those better. And yet a more excellent way to you, I point out.