1 Coríntios 4

1 Thus us let regard a man, as assistants of Anointed, and stewards of mysteries of God.

2 What but remaining, it required in the stewards, that faithful one should be found.

3 To me but for least thing it is, that by you I should be condemned, or by a human day; but not even myself do I condemn;

4 (nothing for in myself I am conscious, but not in this I have been justified;) he but condemning me, Lord is.

5 Therefore not before proper season any thing judge you, till may come the Lord, who both will bring to light the things hidden of the darkness, and will make manifest the purposes of the hearts; and then the praise shall be to each one from the God.

6 These and, brethren, I figuratively applied to myself and Apollos on account of you, that by us you may learn that not above what has been written to think, so that not one on behalf of the one you may be puffed up against the other.

7 Who for thee distinguishes? what and hast thou, which not thou didst receive? if and also thou didst receive, why dost thou boast as not having received?

8 Already having been filled you are, already you were rich, without us you reigned; and I wish indeed you did reign, no that also we with you might reign together.

9 I think for that the God us the apostles last set forth, as appointed to death, because a spectacle we were made to the world and messengers and to men.

10 We fools on account of Anointed, you but wise ones in Anointed; we weak ones, you but strong ones; you honorable ones, we but ignoble ones.

11 Till the present hour both we hunger, and we thirst, and we are naked, and we are beaten, and we are homeless,

12 and we labor working with the own hands; being reviled, we bless; being persecuted, we endure;

13 being blasphemed, we exhort; as purgations of the world we became, of all things off–scraping till now.

14 Not shaming you I write these things, but as children of me beloved I admonish.

15 If for myriads child–tenders you may have in Anointed, but not many fathers; in for Anointed Jesus through the glad tidings I you begot.

16 I exhort therefore you, imitators of me become you.

17 On account of this I sent you Timothy who is a child of me beloved and faithful in Lord, who you will remind the ways of me those in Anointed, even as every where in every congregation I teach.

18 As not coming but of me to you, were puffed up some.

19 I will come but quickly to you, if the Lord should will, and I will know not the word of those having been puffed up, but the power;

20 not for in word the kingdom of the God, but in power.

21 What do you wish? with a rod I should come to you, or in love in a spirit and of meekness?