João 7

1 And was walking the Jesus after these things in the Galilee; not for he wished in the Judea to walk, because were seeking him the Jews to kill.

2 Was and near the feast of the Jews, the feast of tabernacles.

3 Said therefore to him the brothers of him: Depart hence, and go into the Judea, so that also the disciples of thee may see the works of thee, which thou doest.

4 No one for in secret anything does, and he seeks himself in public to be. If these things thou doest, manifest thyself to the world.

5 Not even for the brothers of him believed into him.

6 Says then to them the Jesus: The season the mine not yet is present; the but season the yours always is ready.

7 Not is able the world to hate you; me but it hates, because I testify concerning it, that the works of it evil is.

8 You go up to the feast this; I not go up to the feast this, because the season the mine not yet has fully come.

9 These things saying to them, he remained in the Galilee.

10 When but had gone up the brothers of him, then also he went up to the feast, not openly, but as in secret.

11 The then Jews sought him in the feast, and said: Where is he?

12 And murmuring much about him was among the crowds. The some said: That good he is; other said: No; but he deceives the crowd.

13 No one however with freedom spoke about him, because of the fear of the Jews.

14 Now and of the feast being half out, went up the Jesus into the temple, and taught.

15 And wondered the Jews, saying: How this letters knows, not having learned?

16 Answered them the Jesus and said: The my teaching not is mine, but of the sending me.

17 If any one may wish the will of him to do, he shall know concerning the teaching, whether from the God it is, or I from myself speak.

18 He from himself speaking, the glory the own seeks; he but seeking the glory of the sending him, this true is, and unrighteousness in him not is.

19 Not Moses has given to you the law? and no one of you does the law; why me do you seek to kill?

20 Answered the crowd and said: A demon thou hast; who thee seeks to kill?

21 Answered the Jesus and said to them: One work I did, and all you wonder because of this.

22 Moses has given to you the circumcision; (not that of the Moses it is, but of the fathers,) and in a sabbath you circumcise a man.

23 If circumcision receives a man in a sabbath, that not may be loosed the law of Moses, with me are you angry, because whole a man sound I made in a sabbath?

24 Not judge you according to appearance, but the righteous judgment judge you.

25 Said then some of the Jerusalemites: Not this is he, whom they seek to kill?

26 and lo, boldly he is talking, and nothing to him they say; not truly did know the rulers, that this is the Anointed?

27 But this we know, whence he is; the but Anointed when he comes, no one knows, whence he is.

28 Cried then in the temple teaching the Jesus, and saying: And me you know, and you know whence I am; and of myself not I have come, but is true he having sent me, whom you not know.

29 I know him, because from him I am, and he me sent.

30 They sought therefore him to seize; and no one put on him the hands, because not yet had come the hour of him.

31 Many and out of the crowd believed into him, and said: That the Anointed when he may come, not more signs of these will do, which he did?

32 Heard the Pharisees of the crowd murmuring about him these things; and sent the Pharisees and the high–priests officers, that they might seize him.

33 Said then the Jesus: Yet a little time with you I am, and I go to the sending me.

34 You will seek me, and not will find; and where I am I you not are able to come.

35 Said therefore the Jews to themselves: Where this he is about to go, that we not shall find him? not into the dispersion of the Greeks is about to go, and to teach the Greeks?

36 What is this the word, which he said: You will seek me, and not you will find; and whence am I you not are able to come?

37 In and the last day the great of the feast stood the Jesus, and cried, saying: If any one may thirst, let him come to me, and let him drink.

38 He believing into me, as said the scripture, rivers out of the belly of him shall flow of water living.

39 This but said concerning the spirit, of which was about to receive the believing into him; not yet for was spirit holy, because the Jesus not yet was glorified.

40 Many therefore out of the crowd having heard the word, said: This is truly the prophet.

41 Others said: This is the Anointed. Others but said: Not for out of the Galilee the Anointed comes?

42 Not the writing said, that of the seed of David, and from Bethlehem the village, where was David, the Anointed comes?

43 And division then in the crowd occurred through him.

44 Some and wished of them to seize him; but no one put on him the hands.

45 Came therefore the officers to the high–priests and Pharisees. And said to them these: Why not did you bring him?

46 Answered the officers: Never thus spoke a man, as this the man.

47 Answered then them the Pharisees: Not also you have been deceived?

48 not any one of the rulers believed into him, or of the Pharisees?

49 but the crowd this the not knowing the law; accursed are.

50 Says Nicodemus to them, he coming of night to him, one being of them:

51 Not the law of us judges the man, if not it may hear from him first, and may know what he does?

52 They answered and said to him: Not also thou of the Galilee art? search and see, that a prophet out of the Galilee not has been raised.

53 And went every one into the house of himself.