João 21

1 After these things manifested himself again the Jesus to the disciples on the sea of the Tiberias. He manifested and thus.

2 Were together Simon Peter, and Thomas he being called a twin, and Nathanael he from Cana of the Galilee, and they of the Zebedee, and others of the disciples of him two.

3 Says to them Simon Peter: I am going to fish. They say to him: Are going also we with thee. They went out, and entered into the ship immediately, and in that the night they caught nothing.

4 Morning but now being come, stood the Jesus on the shore; not however knew the disciples, that Jesus it is.

5 Says therefore to them the Jesus: Children, not any food have you? They answered him: No.

6 He and said to them: Cast you into the right parts of the ship the net, and you will find. They cast then, and no longer it to draw were able from the multitude of the fishes.

7 Says therefore the disciple that whom loved the Jesus, to the Peter: The Lord it is; Simon then Peter, having heard that the Lord it is, the upper garment he girded; he was for naked; and threw himself into the sea.

8 The but other disciples by the little ship came (not for they were far from the land, but about from cubits two hundred), dragging the net of the fishes.

9 When therefore they went up to the land, they see a fire of coals lying, and a fish lying on, and bread.

10 Says to them the Jesus: Bring you from the fishes, which you caught just now.

11 Went up Simon Peter, and drew the net to the land, full of fishes, great a hundred fifty–three; and so many being, not was torn the net.

12 Says to them the Jesus: Come, breakfast you. No one but presumed of the disciples to ask him: Thou who art? knowing, that the Lord it is.

13 Comes the Jesus, and takes the bread, and gives to them, and the fish in like manner.

14 This already third was manifested the Jesus to the disciples of himself, having been raised out of the dead ones.

15 When therefore they had breakfasted, says to the Simon Peter the Jesus: Simon of Jona, lovest thou me more of these? He says to him: Yes, O lord, thou knowest, that I dearly love thee. He says to him: Feed the lambs of me.

16 He says to him again a second time: Simon of Jona, lovest thou me? He says to him: Yes, O lord, thou knowest, that I dearly love thee. He says to him: Tend thou the sheep of me.

17 He says to him the third: Simon of Jona, dearly lovest thou me? Was grieved the Peter, because he said to him the third, Dearly lovest me thou? and he said to him: O lord, thou all things knowest; thou knowest, that i dearly love thee. Says to him the Jesus: Feed the sheep of me.

18 Indeed indeed I say to thee, when thou wast younger, thou didst gird thyself, and didst walk where thou didst wish; when but thou art old, thou wilt stretch out the hands of thee, and another thee will gird, and will carry where not thou wishest.

19 This now he said, signifying, by what death he will glorify the God. And this having said, he says to him: Follow me.

20 Having turned about and the Peter sees the disciples, whom loved the Jesus, following (who also reclined at the supper on the breast of him, and said: O lord, who is he betraying thee?)

21 Him seeing the Peter says to the Jesus: O lord, this and what?

22 Says to him the Jesus: If him I wish to abide till I come, what to thee? thou follow me.

23 Went out therefore the word this among the brethren, that the disciple that not dies. And not said to him the Jesus, that not he dies; but: If him I wish to abide till I come, what to thee?

24 This is the disciple, he testifying concerning these things, and having written these things; and we know, that true is the testimony of him.

25 Is and also other many things did the Jesus, which if they should be written every one, not even him I suppose the world to contain the being written books.