João 13

1 Before and the feast of the passover, knowing the Jesus, that was come of himself the hour, that he should depart out of the world this to the world, to an end he loved them.

2 And supper being done, (the accuser already having put into the heart Judas of Simon Iscariot, that him he might betray,)

3 knowing the Jesus, that all things had given him the Father into the hands, and that from God he came out and to the God he goes;

4 rises from the supper, and puts off the mantles, and having taken a towel, girded himself.

5 Afterward he puts water into the wash–basin, and began to wash the feet of the disciples, and to wipe with the towel with which he was having been girded.

6 He comes then to Simon Peter; and says to him he: O lord, thou of me washest the feet?

7 Answered Jesus and said to him: What I do, thou not knowest now, thou shalt know but after these things.

8 Says to him Peter: Not not thou mayest wash the feet of me into the age. Answered him the Jesus: If not I may wash thee, thou hast a part of me.

9 Says to him Simon Peter: O lord, not the feet of me alone, but also the hands, and the head.

10 Says to him the Jesus: He having been bathed not need has than the feet to wash, but is clean wholly; and you clean are, but not all.

11 He knew for the betraying him; on account of this he said: Not all clean you are.

12 When therefore he had washed the feet of them, and taken the mantles of himself, falling down again, he said to them: Know you what I have done to you:

13 You call me: The teacher and the lord; and well you say; I am for.

14 If then I washed of you the feet, the lord and the teacher, also you are bound of one another to wash the feet.

15 An example for I gave to you, that as I did to you, also you should do.

16 Indeed indeed I say to you, not is a slave greater of the lord of himself, nor a messenger greater of the sending him.

17 If these things you know, blessed are you, if you should do them.

18 Not about all of you I speak; I know whom I chose; but, that the writing may be fulfilled: He eating with me the loaf, lifted up against me the heel of himself.

19 From now I say to you, before the to happen, that when it may happen, you may believe, that I am.

20 Indeed indeed I say to you: He receiving if any one I may send, me receives; he and me receiving, receives him having sent me.

21 These things saying the Jesus was troubled in the spirit, and testified, and said: Indeed indeed I say to you, that one of you will betray me.

22 Looked then to each other the disciples, doubting about whom he was speaking.

23 Was now reclining one of the disciples of him in the bosom of the Jesus, whom loved the Jesus.

24 Nods then to him Simon Peter, to ask who it might be concerning of whom he speaks.

25 Falling and he on the breast of the Jesus, he says to him: O lord, who is it?

26 Answers the Jesus: He it is, to whom I have dipped the little piece shall give. And having dipped the little piece, he gives to Judas of Simon Iscariot.

27 And after the little piece, then answered into him the adversary. Says then to him the Jesus: What thou doest, do thou quickly.

28 This now no one knew of those reclining with why he said to him.

29 Some for thought, seeing that the box had the Judas, that says to him the Jesus: Buy what things need we have for the feast; or to the poor that something he should give.

30 Having taken then the little piece he immediately went out; it was and night.

31 When he went out, says the Jesus: Just now was glorified the son of the man, and the God was glorified in him.

32 If the God was glorified in him, also the God will glorify him in himself, and immediately will glorify him.

33 O little children, yet a little with you I am. You will seek me; and as I said to the Jews: That where I go, you not are able to come; even to you I say now.

34 A commandment new I give to you, that you may love each other; as I loved you, that also you might love each other.

35 By this will know all that to me disciples you are, if love you have in each other.

36 Says to him Simon Peter: O lord, where goest thou? Answered him the Jesus: Where I go, not thou art able me now to follow; afterwards but thou shalt follow me.

37 Says to him Peter: O lord, why not I am able thee to follow now? the life of me in behalf of thee I will lay down.

38 Answered him the Jesus: The life of thee in behalf of me wilt thou lay down? Indeed indeed I say to thee not not a cock will crow, till not thou wilt deny me thrice.