1 Timóteo 5

1 An elderly man not thou mayest chide, but exhort as a father; younger men, as brothers;

2 elderly women, as mothers; younger women, as sisters, in all purity.

3 Widows honor, those really widows.

4 If but any widow children or grandchildren has, let them be taught first the own house to be dutiful, and a recompense to render to the progenitors; this for is acceptable in presence of the God.

5 She but really a widow and having been left alone she hoped in the God, and continues in the supplications and in the prayers night and day;

6 she but luxuriously, living has died.

7 And these things enjoin, so that unblamable ones they may be.

8 If but any one for those of own, and especially of the household, not provides, the faith has denied, and is an unbeliever worse.

9 A widow let be enrolled not less of years sixty, having become, of one husband a wife,

10 by works good being attested; if she reared a family, if she received strangers, if of holy ones feet she washed, if afflicted ones she relieved, if every work good she closely followed.

11 Younger but widows reject; when for they may be wanton towards the Anointed, to marry they wish;

12 having condemnation, because the first fidelity they violated;

13 at the same time and also idle ones they learn to go about the houses; not only but idle ones, but also praters and busy bodies, speaking the things not proper.

14 I wish therefore younger ones to marry, to bear children, to keep house, no opportunity to give to the opponent of reproach on account.

15 Already for some turned aside after the adversary.

16 If any believing man or believing woman has widows, let such support them, and not let burden the congregation, so that those really widows may be relieved.

17 The well presiding elders double honor let be esteemed worthy; especially those toiling in word and teaching.

18 Says for the writing: An ox trending not thou shalt muzzle; and, worthy the laborer of the hire of himself.

19 Against an elder an accusation not do thou receive, without if not by two or three witnesses.

20 The sinning ones, in presence of all reprove thou, so that also the remainder fear may have.

21 I solemnly enjoin in presence of the God and Lord Jesus Anointed and of the chosen messengers, that these things thou mayst keep without prejudice nothing doing by partiality.

22 Hands hastily to no one do thou put and not do thou share in sins with others. Thyself pure do thou keep.

23 No longer be thou a water drinker, but wine a little do thou use on account of the stomach of thee and the frequent of thee weaknesses.

24 Of some men the sins previously manifest are, before leading to judgment; in some but indeed they fellow after.

25 In like manner also the good works previously manifest are; and the things otherwise being, to be hidden not are able.