1 Timóteo 2

1 I exhort therefore first of all to make supplications, prayers, intercessions, thanksgivings in behalf of all men;

2 in behalf of kings, and of all of those in high station being; so that a tranquil and quiet life we may lead in all piety and seriousness.

3 This for good and acceptable in presence of the preserver of us God,

4 who all men wishes to be saved, and into in exact knowledge of truth to come.

5 One for God, one and mediator of God and of men, a man Anointed Jesus,

6 he having given himself a ransom in behalf of all; the testimony for seasons own,

7 for which was placed I a herald and an apostle, (truth I speak, not I speak falsely,) a teacher of nations in faith and in truth.

8 I direct therefore to pray the men in every place, lifting up holy hands without wrath and disputing.

9 In the same way and the women in apparel becoming, with modesty and soundness of mind, to adorn themselves, not with wreaths, of gold, or pearls or garment expensive,

10 but, (which in becoming for women undertaking worship of God,) by means of works good.

11 A woman in quietness let learn with all submission.

12 A women but to teach not I permit, nor to assume authority over a man, but to be in silence.

13 Adam for first was formed, then Eve.

14 And Adam not was deceived; the but woman having been deceived, in transgression became;

15 she will be preserved but through the child–bearing, if they abide in faith and love and holiness with sobriety of mind.